An ode to my new silver ring

Saturday, July 03, 2010 , 6 Comments

Missing piece in my silver jewelery,
Carved beautifully, all flowery and fiery.
Every time, I found one at the shelf,
I had to stop, from buying it for myself.

I looked at the rings arranged beautifully,
Eying at the ravishing silver filigree.
Touched it, tried it, turned and kissed it
Wanted very much to buy and wear it.

I am angry with my gold and platinum rings,
They shrunk in size and turned tight and stinged.
Even with soap and oil, generously wheeled,
They ditched me, refusing to fit me with ease.

I bought you now and slipped it on my finger,
looked at my hands, adorned with silver.
Mesmerised, I looked at the sight.
Moon and stars didn't look this bright.

I love you, my dear new filigree ring,
Promise me that you will not shrink,
I swear to love and to cherish you,
Even death, will not part me away from you!


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6 Candles:

Unknown said...

ha ha...lovely...

btw ur rings didnt ditch u..they remained constant and fixed throughout their life...its u who has become grown...uhh in nature and ego to allow them to grace you

Viji said...

@manoj thanks :) and no thanks for pointing out my size, in nature and ego uh? :|

Opaque said...

Lovely one

Viji said...

thanks Ajey...

Post a closer photo of that ring. I had to strain, my poor eyes to catch a glimpse of it.

I almost missed this post, yesterday, saw only the new one.

soon look forward to a new one, complaining abt this ring, ditching you.

Viji said...

i will show you the ring...
i ve started to exercise and on dieting... you are goin to look at new viji... my gold and platinum rings wd fit me in no time....
wait and see!

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