A rebel in me...

Sunday, August 29, 2010 , 6 Comments

I strained
My head bent to a side
To hear the music
That played inside...

A thrum it was
An idle one at that...
Slowly and steadily
It started to beat.

At times a distinct hum,
At times feeble, deep down my mind.
Every time, I tried to catch it
With out a trace, it would vanish.

I stepped out,
To feel the cool fresh air...
Not aware of the reality
That awaited me there.

It was a strong current
Not a meek breeze, that made me gasp.
With all the air that surrounded me,
I still had to gasp to draw the air.

My lungs filled with more air
Frightened at the force, yet so aware.
Trying to keep my calm,
While hell bent to savour it for long.

Every tiny step I took,
A rebel in me, prodded me to take a look.
I raised my face to face the current,
Brave this time; as I waded further in....


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6 Candles:

Unknown said...

:) beautiful sis! surges with courage..a rebel? maybe..but then again may it just be the will in you that braves all that may come, armed with faith...loved it!

Viji said...

@rina thanks for lighting the first candle :)

Namita said...

Love the way you write! Keep it coming Viji!! Hugs!!

Nice one Viji! but i have the feel that you have written on the same topic rebel, something about rebeling emotions..

Good flow and powerful emotions..

hey i love ur new template

Viji said...

Thanks Nami, Devs :) yes Devs you are right! there are some powerful feelings and they are oft repeated...

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