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Monday, September 06, 2010 7 Comments

SPAM (spiced ham) a.k.a unsolicited e-mails, raids every mail inbox.  It's become a part of everyone's life.
First time, I saw a spam mail, it was about "increasing the size". I hastily minimized the screen for the fear of my husband or brother catching me red handed, reading such stuff. But the curiosity got the better of me and I opened the mail to find only a link.  Alas! I was upset. The fear of my system getting infected with a virus, stopped me from clicking the link, else I would have done that and may be the curiosity would have subsided the same day.

After that everyday, I open my spam folder run through the subject lines... It's fun to read the subject lines, they are pretty interesting and less dangerous than the mails waiting to be read in the "Inbox" on bank statements, credit card bills, shares taking a downwards plunge, a friend ranting about her holiday, while you wrestle with daily, monthly budget.

I can't help but wonder, who take such great pains to send unsolicited e-mails to Viji and every other soul on this earth, who possess an e-mail account. As I mentioned, the subject lines are fetchy and I can't help but admire the brain behind it. At times long subject lines, which conveys the whole message and at times a word or two that piques the curiosity.

The spam messages didn't stop by just hitting my mail box, it hit my blog too... I started to get lots of Chinese and Japanese readers, who read my blog and commented them, but in their regional language.  I was overwhelmed at first and for the benefit of my readers, I religiously used to google translate them and put the English version in my blog comments and thanked them profusely in their own language for leaving the comment...  Suddenly, there was a surge in such comments and it was very disturbing and it dawned on me that they could be spam messages and a little research proved my hunch and didn't know where to hide my face and I did exactly that.. I hid behind "comment moderation". 

I only had to conclude, may be my interest towards "SPAM" subject lines got conveyed to the spammers and hence their comments in my blog. 

Now tell me, when SPAM rules every Sam, Pam's inbox, why not mine? 


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Opaque said...

It is fun but mostly disgusting to read the "subject" of such e-mails. I hate them! Reading them beyond the subject itself is unlikely to happen, in my case.

Anonymous said...

Good one Viji. I too saw some comments in japanese or chinese in your blog. And I felt the reach you had got around the globe. I wondered why a person reading english can not comment in the same. But any way now I came to know the fact. :)

so spamming is bugging you..nowadays we get spams on mobiles too..

janaab! sahi farmaya aapne!

Viji said...

@Ajey I can understand, no one likes spams... My way of lighten things that can't be changed and living with spam is inevitable and my final words in the post gives out the message...
"it dawned on me that they could be spam messages and a little research proved my hunch and didn't know where to hide my face and I did exactly that.. I hid behind "comment moderation".

Viji said...

@teabench You thought I had international reach??? that was a good joke, Krishnan... Wish your words come true..
@Devs spamming bugs everyone but they say "every coin has two sides", i try to see the funnier side of the spamming and excuse the exasperating side...

Viji said...

Sudeep Bhai, Shukriya!!! My pleasure to have your comment here :)

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