Scene 12

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Scene - 12

Sidd, held Swetha's hand and guided her to the wedding panthal (Stage), the nadhaswaram and thavil thundered and every face wreathed with smile, looking at the happy couple.

Kitta mama, along with his disciples started to chant vedic mantras. The Agni in the avabasanam (the brick stove, where flames are lit and ghee was added to keep it aflame) hurt Sidd's and Swetha's eyes.
Swetha's wedding sari (Koorai pudavai) was given to her by Venu and Priya and was led by Harini to assist Swetha in changing to the traditional nine yard sari.

Aunt: Girls, don't forget to sing "varanam aayiram", while tying sari...
Geetha: Swetha, get in fast! the auspicious time to tie the thirumangalyam(mangal sutra) is nearing.
Priya: Swetha, my sister, your aunty is a pro when it comes to tying 9 yard sari... take her with you.
Swetha: Ok, aunty

Inside the bride's room:
Swetha's friends were found holding a screen, Swetha's aunt grabbed the screen and threw it away...
Aunt: If she is shy amidst women, then how she is going to feel when she is alone with Sidd or when she would give birth to her child.  First thing Swetha, shed your shyness...
One person was seen dragging her sari, while other held her long plait.

Aunt: Swetha! let me teach you how to wear this... Tie it the way I say, so that you will not need assistance next time.Harini, the way you are eyeing Praveen, I am sure your wedding will happen soon too.. so you too learn.
Harini: (Blushing) Nothing of that sort. I want to stay a spinster. But I am eager to know how to ties our traditional sari.
Aunt: (smiling) Girls! sing Andal varanamayiram now...
At the back ground:

vAraNam Ayiram SUzha valam Seidu
nAraNan nambi naDakkinRAn enRedir
pUraNa poRkuDam vaittup puRam e~ngum
tOraNam nAttak kanAk kaNdEN tOzhi nAn

Aunt to Swetha:
Step1: Wrap the saree around the waist with one end of the saree on the right and the rest of the saree on to the left.
Step 2: Tie a knot firmly around the waist towards your left side with the two portions of the saree.
Step 3: Gather the saree near the waist.
Step 4: Tuck a bit of the saree in (near the right side of the waist)
Step 5: Pleat the saree from the end tucked to the waist Step 6: Tuck the pleats to the waist firmly.
Step 7: Fold the rest of the saree to 4 or 5 folds, each fold measuring 3/4th of the hand
Step 8: Bring the pleated portion behind, gathering the folded saree between the legs
Step 9: Arrange the folds properly.
Step 10: Tuck them firmly at the back.
Step 11: The rest of the saree is brought to the front from the right side.
Step 12: Make a small tuck in the front to make sure the saree is firmly around the waist.
Step 13: Gather the rest of the saree.
Step 14: Wrap it on to the left shoulder.
Step 15: The rest of the saree falls on to the back.
Step 16: Bring the end of the saree around the waist and tuck it on to the left side

Harini: OMG Swetha! you look lovely... I am very happy to have your for my sis-in-law
Swetha: Harini, I should say Praveen is lucky ;)
Sripriya: Hurry up, Swetha! just 15 minutes left for the auspicious time to end...

Swetha opens the door and looked at Sidd, Sidd couldn't take his eyes off Swetha...
Iyer: Sidd
Iyer: Sidd
Iyer: Siddddddd
Sidd shook his head and said "Yes"
Iyer: Pour this ghee in the homam (flame)
Sidd looking at Swetha, poured the ghee and got his fingers singed by the flames...
Sidd: Ouch!
Swetha giggles

Iyer: Swetha now sit on your father's lap.

Iyer places the mangalyam in Sidd's hand and asked Swetha to look Sidd's eye.

"Ketti melam ketti melam"  (nadhaswaram and thavil started to play)

mAngalyam tantunAnena
mama jIvanA hethunA
kaNThe: badhnami subhage! sanjIva Sarada: Satam
(meaning: This is a sacred thread. This is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck, O maiden having many auspicious attributes! May you live happily for a hundred years (with me).

Sidd tied the sacred knot on Swetha's neck and every one had tears in their eyes...

Nadhaswaram played:

Anandham anandham anandhamae
paramanandham anandham anandhamae

Sri ramanum manamagan aanarae
namma janaki manamagal aanalae
vandhavarkum parthavarkum aanandham
Seedhaikum ramanaukkum aanandham
naam seidha pooja palamum
endrae palithadhama

Anandham anandham anandhamae
paramanandham anandham anandhamae

People started to shake hands with the bride and the bridegroom and the photo session started.


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Priya... said...

subam... Good write Viji...! :)

Hari said...

I gave a quick skimming of all the scenes, and I already felt it was very good. A Hindu Brahmin marriage is a treat to watch, if one participates in it fully, in every stage of it. The author's experience shows itself very clearly how she enjoys her community's marriages. And for one who has had a glimpse of such a marriage, the play is a treat! For others, it is still a good read, but I would ask them to go and see one such, and come back and read again. You will pat Viji!

Viji said...

@pri thanks
@hari i am honoured and happy that you enjoyed it too...

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