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"Trouble comes in threes!" is what people say...

I agree to this whole heartedly... My blog followers, now should be aware of my rendezvous with my staircase and my forced agoraphobia.

Last week of December, saw to my husband's passion towards shuttle cock, which eventually led to fractured calcanium and few months of bed rest.

I thought the worst was over, little I knew what's up next.

My son, who went to school, looking smart in friday school wear, came back with torn trousers full of blood and huge bruises on his knee and deep cut.  Like heroic teenage guy, his school duck back almost touching his back of knee aka popliteal fossa aka knee pit (why worn that loose, I don't have any idea), fell down from the bus (I am sure it should have been a moving bus), though he claims, he got down when it stopped.  Thank God for small mercies, one of the busiest highway, there were little traffic as it was afternoon. When my mom took him to doctor, he refused to take a tetanus shot leave alone sutures.


It just doesn't stop there, one flow of visitors followed by another, came to visit my ?invalid son, who played cityville, the unhurt leg swinging from the chair, another stretched on a chair, music blasting from his woofers, his ill pitched falsetto damaging our ear drums. The PC table and the adjacent table filled with packets of potato wafers, rasgulla, snack twisters (murukku in tamil - new coinage) and two bottle of waters, which disappears in one hour time and darling son expects that to be refilled every now and then. His loo episodes was too dramatic when compared to my husband who has serious injury, is subtle and sweet.  The same injured leg, when his friends (both the sexes) drop in, will start with few limps, few curses, then whole lot of fun, laughing out loud... where does that wail and grunt of pain disappear, I don't understand.  The moment they leave, the grumble begins.

Realised in the past month that life has few hidden corners and few ugly surprises meandering by. Only that I was escaping those corners till then and now facing the challenges and literally taking the bull by its horn. Atleast for me its just some mental and physical strain, I am worried about the pain my husband is silently going through every day.  Never seen a person like him and a wonderful guy.

Ah! Ani is another story.  Tomorrow, I need to change his dressing, god give me the patience and whatever it needs to do the task without letting things go out of hand.  I wish he grows up fast and get married and be blessed with a kid like him and I swear he is going to enjoy his "nuclear" family!

Did I tell you, that I cried when I was told he got hurt? Did I tell you that I am continuously smiling, when I am writing about ani's tantrums.  I swear there is not one dull moment with my darling son around.  Love him a lot... Poor kid after all he is too young and it is difficult for someone as young as him to bear the pain, he is not like us grown up, isn't he???

Get well soon Sure, Ani! Missing our weekend bike rides! Common! polish your knee and ankle caps and jump out of your beds soon... just can't wait!


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Thank God there was little traffic.

Bear his tantrums for some time

:) You don't understand for chennai guys, getting into running bus and getting down from running bus is the sign of "THE MAN". I stopped when Murugan got hurt in front of me.

It can't be stopped and all i told him to take extreme precaution and always do on the back entrance of the bus and not the front entrance, if at all he wants to.

First timers will always fall irrespective how slow the bus might be.

Viji said...

you practiced it too? Am angry. I knw how great friends you and murugan are. At times i had been jealous of your friendship with him :)

viji, i did comment on this post.. but i dont know if i clicked it correctly. my comment is missing.

Viji said...

sorry devs, I didn't get the mail alert... I found it hidden in my dashboard...
Yep thank god there was little traffic... and thank god now he is fine :)

Anonymous said...


Very bad part of your life. You, Suresh, and ANi facing problems. But I need to learn from you how to feel balanced even at our testing times and smile at others.

Viji said...

I do "Smile" all the time. It's an antidote for all kinds of worries and trauma. I am a coward, Krishnan! I smile and hide all the pain behind it. I don't have the energy to fight or resist.

wisdom comes with experience

At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme