Old habits die hard... ROTFL moments

Thursday, February 10, 2011 2 Comments

Every person we meet, has a unique something about them. 

Few funny incidents that I witnessed. A college mate of mine..... yeah flashback :) sorry! can't help it.. lots of memories you see....

She has this habit of speaking very fast. During reading sessions, its fun to watch her read. Dumbfound we watch her lift the book, the first word we will hear clearly, then it's like bullets raining fast.... All of a sudden, when she finds a line catchy, she will shift the book to her left hand and raise the right hand as if holding a riffle which she will raise before our tutor and "dud, dud, dud" she will fire words... We love whenever she volunteers to read. One day, she read few lines from Macbeth... It went this way, "Sleep shall neither night nor day. Hang upon his pent-house lid." she raised her hands towards our mam and recited these lines. Mam got annoyed of her habit, and told her "Yes! if you speak this fast, your husband wherever he tries to run, be it pent house or its "lid" - the roof  he will never be able to sleep." The whole class laughed and laughed and Nagi joined us too in our laugh... Btw "pent-house lid" means eye lids.

I was sitting inside a bus, and there were two men and a woman standing holding crutches.  By the looks of it, they had to cross the road and the woman was frightened and the men were encouraging her to take the steps.  She kept refusing. The burly guy of the two held her and started to cross the road, she like a scared cat was fighting him but he didn't pay heed.  When they were at the middle of the road, amidst the mad traffic, he freed her and there she lifted her crutches, limped and walked fast and reached the other side.  What 15 minutes of motivational conversation by the two gentlemen refused to achieve, a moment of panic achieved. The funniest part was, when she was back at the other side, she lowered her crutches and started to limp.

There's a Femme fatale, whom I know is famous for her expressions.  You have to see her to believe me. All the time she has a schooled smile on her face, which looks charming at the beginning and later tend to irritate you.  Eager looks, pouted lips, swaying hips and a generous frame.  uh! forgot to add "practiced lisp". She now has a child and I bet the child is more matured than her mom. It never fails to grate my nerve, whenever I hear her call out for me in her sing song whispering voice, "Witchi". I wanna scream, "I am not a "witch" but am sure, I will turn to be a wicked witch one day and whack you hard.."... One of my friend hates her so much that she loves the way this femme fatale sway and dance walk, she could hardly take her eyes off, still blame her for walking that way... No! I am not mentioning names here... people who know her can work it out themselves, people who don't know her are damn lucky.

There's me, Viji who has this funny habit of shouting at people before them but to myself, if you get what I am trying to say.  I shout at my son before him to myself, but not at him.  I will call him an idiot, a stupid et al, "et al" coz, I can't utter those words here, as this is a public forum ;) These "talking to myself, aloud sessions" happens when he takes off his socks in a rolling motion and leave it that way in the laundry basket or his vests, briefs half wet hanging coiled on the tap... The next day, when I remove them from the basket to launder, my face automatically wrinkles and I hold my breath, till they are safely tucked inside the fragrant soap solution....DISGUSTING habits!!!


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Anonymous said...

I am lucky and learned a new word "Femme fatale". Very rich in meaning. :)

Viji said...

@krish high time! :) VERY rich in meaning...avasiyam theriuka vendiya word.

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