Second day

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It was at 3 AM in the morning, when the three of them walked out of police station.  Kavya looked aghast and walked like a zombie between Sam and Abhi.

Abhi more confused now, walked along with them... his mind was blank.

Sam handled the position cool.  It was mixed emotions he felt for her at this time.  Anger, love, frustration.  One thing was clear to him.  Kavya needed him to take care of her.

Kavya's mind kept replaying the scene happened the day before.  She got a message that evening from Abhi, which confused her.  It was not in the usual friendly way.  It was vaguely disturbing, she wanted to know the reason and started the conversation when she was at the restaurant but with the things that followed, she totally forgot about that.

Kavya asked for a lift in her friend's bike till the bus stop.  When they were on the way, Sheela asked Kavya if they can go to a restaurant.  She too was hungry and they had a Paav Bhaaji and coffee. Kavya opted to ride the bike, when they left the restaurant.  She became irritant, when a bus moved slowly and not allowed her to overtake too.  At one point, Kavya overtook the bus and looked at the driver disgustingly, when she turned to look at the road again, Sheela screamed to brake.  

There was a school boy riding his cycle. Kavya hit the bike and the boy was thrown to the other side of the road.  Sheela and Kavya rushed to check the boy's condition and found him still, there was blood below the boy's head and the boy was unconscious.  A huge crowd enveloped them and they started to abuse.  A sergeant who came that way, arranged for an ambulance and took Kavya and Sheela to the police station.

When she saw Sam, she couldn't hold her tears.  Sam jumped to the obvious conclusion when he saw Kavya in the police station.  He was relieved when he was told about the incident and his mind started to work fast.  He checked the hospital where the kid was admitted and called and spoke to his parents.  The boy's condition was little critical, but he gained consciousness which was a good sign.  

He spoke to the doctor and asked him to transfer the boy to the best hospital in Chennai.  He promised the boy's parents that he will take care of him and he will also pay them two lakhs as compensation.  Though they were angry at first, the sensible part in them made them agree to this and they took the complaint back.  He sent Sheela home and signed few papers before the officer and was ready to leave with Abhi and Kavya..  

Kavya looked vulnerable, her body still shook, Sam was angry with her and asked her, "why the hell you rode the bike, when you didn't even have the licence with you?"

Kavya replied, "I didn't expect to hit the boy, it was only few meters to the bus stand."

They were silent.  When suddenly Abhi asked Kavya, "Why did you message me, calling out just my name?"

Sam looked shocked... He started to walk faster.

Kavya stood there and said to no one in particular that she lost her bag and mobile when the accident happened.  

-to be continued


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