Night that followed the first day

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Sam rang the bell for the third time, wondering why Kavya not opening the door.  He tried the key in the lock and it opened.  He switched on the light and entered their room.  He can't help but feel worried.  It's almost a month, since he stopped picking her up from the office.  He missed her sitting next to him and chatting non stop.

Life's not just the same.  It was idyllic when they started to date and got married.  The first few years went with out any trouble.  

His hand reached for the picture in the side table, Kavya stood next to him smiling, her face radiant with joy.  It was taken on their wedding day.  It took almost a year to convince both the sides of the family that they love each other and wanted to get married.  Kavya belonged to an orthodox brahmin family, while Sam was a Christian.  The wedding happened according to both Hindu and Christian tradition.  After the rituals the couple flew to Maldives and those were the days, Sam recalled were blissful ones.

It was 8.30 PM, still she didn't turn up home. Sam felt restless, she should have been home even she misses the usual shuttle and take the next one.

He reached for his phone.  There were two messages from Kavya. Both the messages read, "Sam?".  Sam's heart fluttered.  Whenever Kavya messages his name followed by a question mark, a playful banter starts and they tease each other mercilessly.  He looked at the time, it was 20 minutes back.

He messaged back, "Kavya?"

No reply.. It was 9.15 PM.  He cursed himself for being stubborn and called her mobile. It was switched off. 

He called Abhi.  Abhi picked his phone and said "hello",.

"Abhi, Kavya is not home yet.... you got any idea, where she could be?" asked Sam.

Abhi who was still lying down on the terrace staring at the stars, looked at his watch.  It was 9.55 PM. 

He replied, "No.  Why? What happened?  I didn't see her at all today. Any problem?"

"Yet to reach home, I am worried.  She had never been this late and her phone is switched off."  said Sam. It was Abhi who got tensed now.  He told Sam, that he will check with her friends and office.

Abhi started to make few calls frantically.  No one had a clue where Kavya was.  Abhi checked his text messages and the last message read, "Abhi?"  The time was 8.30 PM and it was then Abhi replied back, "Kavi?"

She didn't reply to that.  He thought she would have been busy making dinner or resting.  He tried calling her number.  It was switched off.

11.45 PM.

Abhi started to pray.  He was not a theist not an atheist.  He believed in himself and he felt that he does not need or trust anyone to do his things and he strongly felt that the best well wisher he could have can be himself.  He folded his hands and prayed to the only god he knew, the tiny vinayak below the huge peepul tree in his village.

Both Sam and Abhi met and they went to her office.  The guards checked the over night stay room, rest room.  Her access card exit swipe read 6 PM.  

When Sam and Abhi decided to go to the police station, it was 1 PM.  Sam was non stop talking about Kavya. About their wedding, about their early years of wedding.  There were traces of tears in his eyes.  

Abhi learnt a lot about Kavya and knew that there was lot he didn't know about her.  "Such a marvelous woman!" he wondered.

Sam and Abhi stepped in to the police station.  Abhi started to talk to the inspector about Kavya and when he turned to look at Sam, Sam was looking straight.  His face looked harsh and eyes hardened.  Abhi turned to look at what Sam was staring at and found Kavya sitting, staring at them, her eyes filled with tears.

-to be continued


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vidu said...

Interesting Viji. Eagerly waiting for your next post.

Viji said...

*smiles* vidya! Thanks for the read.

kavitha said...

Very interesting, Viji. I like it a lot, and I am also eagerly waiting for the next parts. The nice thing is you don't make us wait too long...

Also, congratulations on your 200nth post milestone, Viji. Great show, Viji.

Unknown said...

Nice buildup...hope the next one will be out tonight

Viji said...

Thanks Kavitha... yes this next part will be out tonight.

Viji said...

@manoj thanks :) yes i m planning to publish the next post tonight... thanks for your read and the comment..

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