First day

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Kavya looked striking in a red salwar kameez, her face void of makeup looked fresh, soft, a tiny red bindhi on her face, gold ear ring and a solitary diamond adorned her left side of her nostrils.  She sat at the pew and was listening to the Pastor's speech.  It went on for ten minutes and after that he said, "I would like to call up on Samuel Livingston before my parish, before my community, before my friends to appreciate his good deed.  I am deeply touched by his love and compassion for his fellow human beings."

Samuel Livingston stood next to the pastor with a smile on his face.  He thanked the pastor for giving him the opportunity to serve the society.  Kavya stared at Samuel and she couldn't move her eyes away from him.  She strongly felt that she was destined to meet Sam that moment at the church.  She nudged at Teresa who sat to her right and asked "Teresa, who is he?" 

Teresa said, "He is the member of our Church welfare committee. Why do you ask?"

"No, I just asked, it's as if I met him before, he looks familiar", said Kavya. To herself, "Maybe during my past birth I met him; Oh! drat Christians don't believe in rebirth... Maybe he was not a christian then...". She smiled to herself and when she lifted her head, she found Samuel looking at her.  That moment Kavya fell for him.

Abhi downloaded an English film and watched it.  Contrary to what he used to watch, it was romance and he smiled at himself.  His mind went back to the day he saw Abhi for the first time.  She was wearing a red salwar kameez and she looked very fetching. If there's something called life at first sight, this should be that, he told himself.

During the evening he came out of the office ahead time not to miss her leaving office.  He turned to a sing song voice talking to a friend with a smile... Slowly the smile died, when he heard Kavya telling her friend that her husband will be picking her.

He walked fast and kicked a coconut shell.  It hit the stray dog and it yelped with pain.  Abhi was upset and angry at everyone.

Today he was lying on the terrace of his small rented apartment.  The floor was hot after the scorching heat of the sun the whole day.  He rested his head on his hands and started to think about his feelings for Kavya.

He asked himself three questions.
  1. Am I in love with Kavya?
  2. If I quit the job this moment and leave the city and severe all the connections with her, will I miss her?
  3. Even if she is willing to marry me, can I convince my parents and get married to a divorced woman and never regret the decision?
-to be continued


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Namita said...

Whoa! Me liked it me liked it! :) Keep it coming Viji!

Viji said...

:) thanks nami... sure with little motivations from you....!

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