3 days 3 nights

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Abhi got up from his seat and walked past his friends and rushed towards the lift.  He wanted to talk to Kavya and ask the reason behind her decision. He saw her text message and knew that he had to see her that moment. She was sitting in her cubicle, her face red,  looking fierce. He stood next to her and asked, "Care for a break?" Startled she looked at Abhi, blinked her eyes and stood to leave.

They walked silently to the lift and there was that unusual silence between them. Abhi waited patiently till they reached the cafe.

"What will you have?", Abhi asked."Cyanide", Kavya replied.

Abhi ordered a pepsi for him and lemonade for her. He sat next to Kavya. "How would prefer? Bitter or sweet?" asked Abhi.

Kavya gave him confused look."Cyanide", he said.Kavya tried to smile, but her lips trembled and tears slipped through her eyes.

"Hi Abhi, long time, no see!" cried Vivek.  Abhi's eyed pleaded to him to leave them alone.  Vivek waved and left them in peace.

"So?" he said. "We decided to put an end to this charade. I agreed to divorce him. Eight years of marriage, I just cannot believe this. How we loved each other. What happened? Where did all the love go? Where did we go wrong?"

Abhi, though knew that the relationship between Kavya and Sam was not all that great, he didn't anticipate this. Kavya looked at Abhi, her eyes doleful. Abhi couldn't bear the pain in her eyes. He repeatedly assured her things will be alright.

But he was confused at the tiny spark of joy in him. He stared at Kavya's bent head and controlled the urge to take her in his arms and kiss her pain away.

Abhi ordered another beer and stared at the cigarette he was holding. It was difficult to understand his feelings for Kavya. Though there was an element of sympathy, there was that curious exhilarating feeling whenever he thought of her. "Am I in love?" he asked himself.

He gave himself three days to decide his stand. His gang was chatting non stop.  Abhi was silent, the air conditioned pub was noisy and it started to get too crowded.  Abhi went out for a breather and sat on the parapet wall.  It was then he heard Sam's voice from below.  He heard it clearly.

Sam was talking to a friend about Kavya. "I know! you need not have to remind me.  I loved her and I thought she loved me too, till the day she called me Abhi.  I knew they were close friends but from then I found she messaged him at odd hours at odd times.  She will be lying next to me, yet texting him. I told her yesterday night, that divorce is the best thing that can happen to us... she looked shocked but nodded."

-to be continued


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