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Saturday, June 11, 2011 , 6 Comments

During the past few weeks, I had been downloading pictures like crazy and been logging in and out of my blog twice or thrice a day to write a post.

All of a sudden, an idea flashes and there I go downloading pictures which lie on my desktop forgotten. NO NO! not forgotten, pricking my conscience.  I feel guilty, everytime I look at those pictures. No thanks to Windows 7 ultimate :( Thumbnail of pictures are automatically visible and laughing at me for being a loser.

"Writing", when I crave for it, deserts me and pounce on me, when I am not prepared to write, making me write a hurried post like this, with no great content, no message, no nothing....

A teaser on my would have been blog posts... maybe you can deduce what kind of a post it would have been.. I know you guys are smart, intelligent unlike me.

Here I go...!

Post one: 

I don't remember what triggered this... oh yeah!  I went with my brother's family to "now deserted" (No AC these days) Spencer Plaza Courtesy: Express Avenue... Most of the crowd haunts this place not because they like to shop but to save themselves from the powercut that prevails in the City.  I came across one poster which made me stop and read it again.  Sejal (my sis-in-law) and me can't help but click the photo with a smile and my son who was curious came to take a closer look and left the place hurriedly.  Finally the photo was shot through my Bro's Blackberry.  It was a t shirt quote.  May be this inspired me in collecting other photos or it could have been another milestone in my life.

I discovered recently that I had successfully added another three and half a kilo to my already loaded weight.   Manoj and me made up a deal.  I had to join a yoga class, exercise and properly diet and shed few kgs and he will cut down on his smoking.  Waiting for such an occasion. I immediately enrolled myself in a prominent yoga school. Maybe the weight thing triggered to download the pictures or maybe both made me do that.

Post two:

Chatting with Kiran always start with a yawn. He loves to ping me all of a sudden, out of the blue with a simple cute "yawn" emot.  He is the only person who has the audacity to send such an emot early in the morning. Though I always chid him, I will not be able to resist the smile.  It was my turn on a late evening one day to send him the emot on a totally packed day, he told me that he had a power nap and if I had heard about it.  I said I had heard about it and hurriedly opened another tab to google "power nap" and read about it and also came across these pictures.

Oh! My! look at the guy who holds the pillow. Divine to watch his face cuddled on a soft looking pillow. I think I will never get the knack of this power nap, as it takes atleast one hour for me to test the mattress, pillow, blankets... twist, turn, sigh and finally going to sleep after exhausting myself. 15 minutes sleep is not possible at all.  I tried lying down one day in our office ONS (over night stay room) and was twisting and turning on the bunk bed and the cot screeched.  After 2 or 3 times, a colleague of mine cleared her throat, which made me lie down stiff and only my eyes moved this side and that side and at the end of 15 mts, I got up and bumped my head on the upper bunk and hurriedly left the place after hearing the girl on top swear loud.  I walked out with a stiff neck.

Post three:

Manoj left my company on 31st May. Though I put a bold front before friends and colleagues, it was tough to control my feelings and see him leave.  That evening we packed his drum and he told me that he visited all his favorite spots and I saw him looking at my office, one final look and raced the car.  It was silence for a while, before we picked up the thread and started to converse... I know very well wherever he is, he will remain a best friend forever and ever, still I miss having him during lunch and tea breaks and when the clock strike 2 PM, I still turn to look at the entrance to catch a glimpse of his car.

Missing you a lot, Manoj! :(  Though we are poles apart, poetry connected us and I got adapted to his style and he mine...

I know Manoj :D you hate sentimental dialogues :) still, I don't want these pictures to go waste you see...!


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Hari said...

Good post viji ...liked it...

Hari said...

Good post viji...i too miss Manoj . ..though i was not in siruseri when he left i felt totally down..coz we too joined on the same date and its more that 3 years we have been roaming around siruseri campus.. :) i will miss him..

Viji said...

@hari thanks... i can understand.. i know that you guys are very close.. but the world is wide Hari, you should have the determination to be connected with him and I am sure are doing... Be there for Manoj always!!! that's my only request to you... even if i'm not there you should always be there...

Unknown said...

hmmmm guys...there is no reason to miss me...iam always there...but jus not in the same proximity as before...would have loved to have roamed around the whole place with Hari one last time...one last ride around Siruseri...one last dinner in rajasthani dhaba...one last beer in sabari inn...sigh...lets make that happen when u both leave.

Viji said...

@manoj you sure about taking me to sabari inn for one last beer???? :P

i didnt know that Manoj left Aspire. Not being in office.

Dont know what to write.

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