In a distant land...

Sunday, June 12, 2011 2 Comments

In the land of no people around,
Where Sun, Star and Sea surround,
I heard you breathe my name,
I turned to catch, whatever you were going to say...
Between my breath and yours, dear!
You told me what I wanted to hear...
I heard it not for the first time,
Yet, saved the moment for future times...
Watched at the waves thrashing,
Eyes closed humming a song in unison,
No one around except us,
Not caring if its dawn or dusk...
Is this love? we don't ponder...
Days came and days went,
Yet our love not spent...

In the land of people around,
Where work, money and time surround,
I heard you moving away,
Tried not to cry... as you walked astray...
No wisps of breath on my neck,
Forlorn thoughts amidst work.
I tried not to think of you,
But, every act reminded me of you...
Deo and perfumes disgusted me,
Your distinct talcum haunted me...
I have before me lots of memories,
Like a fool, I thought those would suffice.
Memories don't keep me warm,
It make me cry and spur thoughts forlorn.


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A Blip said...

Hauntingly beautiful!

Viji said...

thanks kiruthika :)

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