Rain, me and emotions indeed...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 , , , 4 Comments

I watched at the rain lashing on my window screen,
Gazing! my heart silently let out a scream,
Counting hours, counting minutes, counting seconds,
Waiting and wanting to cross the desired distance....

Why me?! Heart screamed again...
Trying to get the desired attention.
Tried talking to the stupid heart,
She, hell bent on believing my treason...

The rest half spent on mulling thoughts,
Slaying my martyr mind and heart..
Why me? I stifled the questions,
And spent my time on postmortems of emotions...

Jerked myself from illumined darkness,
The passionless passion of assumed rightness,
Either ways it holds true,
You, me and passion for sure...


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4 Candles:

Unknown said...

The rain shall but stop soon
also will end your commune
Don't despair of the distance
all will be righted in this instance

the rain may have shook you out of the dream
But hope does come in like a sunbeam

there is no assumed right or wrong
no clear claim as to whom it belongs
no need of postmortems albeit
it shall take time to set things straight

The dark clouds have gone away
bringing hope and dreams once again
Hold your passions close to you
we both know it is true

Viji said...

@blacksnow versatile poet, aren't you? adore you buddy... keep visiting and I really feel proud to have your poetry in my blog...thanks again!!!

like both urs and manoj's. Nice and deep one.

Viji said...

@devs thanks a lot!

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