Krishna my divine Child

Monday, September 12, 2016 , 0 Comments

When thunders rumbled without any care 
Lightenings crawled through the sky far,
Rain tore its way merciless
Krishna!  The divine child born to this world...

World will never be the same again,
That dark night , carried the tales of an exquisite child,
Those gracious women of Vrindavan, 
Krishna! The divine child brought in joy to so many lives...

Mystical music flowed through the forest,
Wrapping women in myriad tress,
Magical the Dusk,  when moon shone on the river Yamuna, 
Krishna!  The divine child danced on the head of Kaalinga.

He who stole the drapes of Gopikas, 
Draped Krishnaa during her distress.. 
He who measured the universe in three steps, 
Krishna!  Oh!  my divine child you took thousands of steps as a messenger.

You the creator of this universe, 
Yet you stole butter and got tied as Dhamodara.. 
Krishna!  My divine child with two mothers, 
You were still greedy and breast fed happily from Bhutana.


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