Viewing colours through a black and white frame

Sunday, July 03, 2011 , 4 Comments

I have a weakness for beautiful eyes... Whenever I get bored, I google and stare at eyes.  Pairs, single, closed, open, eyes shedding tears dripping kohl or mascara, eyes smiling, eyes twinkling with mischief, eyes soft filled with love, eyes furious with anger inside... green, blue, grey, amber, black, brown, violet...

I looked at mine, nothing great to look at... Black and White eyes..

I started my career at a reputed Eye Hospital in Chennai.  For one of our in-house journal called "Agam",  I wrote a poetry on eye donation.. My campaign for eye donation..

It went like this:

Light and darkness
Colours and hues,
Rivers and mountains,
Birds and Trees...

Miracle indeed viewing colours,
Through a black and white frame...
Donate the light of your eyes after your life,
For those who do not have the sight..


Kind of kiddish, when I read the poetry now... I can definitely write better but more than the words the truth of viewing colours through my black and white frame made me wonder, what if my pupil changes colour...

How fabulous it can be, if I can change my eye colour to match the dress I wear...

Black and White
Blue and White
Green and White
Grey and White
Violet and White

Back to reality, maybe I should buy coloured contact lenses and try it and appease my desire to have coloured eyes.  Now all set to see myriad of colours, hues through my bi coloured eyes...

Heading to buy contact lenses in a day or two and surprise a few! 


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Sairam said...

Nice post. Very different from the usual post about color photos.
All the best.

Viji said...

Thanks Sairam for dropping in and taking the time to read the post and commenting on it.... :)

short and good one Viji! I remember you telling a story abt ur encounter with a blind baby in the hospital that u worked.

Viji said...

yes devs, i remember, i can never forget Moumita chatterjee :( she will be 20 next year.. I've held her in my arms in the year 1992..

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