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It is great to know that you have turned 40 and there are value additions, keepsakes, which you should be really proud of. Lately, I had constant headaches and one fine day, my Mom pointed out that it's time for me to consult my Ophthalmologist.  A keen observer, she noted that I remove my glasses while reading and it is not a great sign and I might be having trouble with my near vision too.. "too" means already, I am myopic and with a high power.

The visit to my optometrist, proved my mom's insight. I added "Master of Optometry" to my mom's portfolio.  I knew that she is a best candidate for "home minister", "finance minister".  Now, I am the proud owner of 2 pairs of glasses, one for distant vision, one for near vision.  So, I got to juggle between the glasses for reading and viewing things.

But, hang on! I heard during my high school Math days, when you add  -4.75 + 1 it becomes -3.75.  But, in this case, it is not true, you either end up having two different glasses for near and distant vision or one glass with a thin line parting it .  The lower half is +1 and upper half is -4.75 and to complicate this further my right eye lower half is +1 and upper half is -3.75 and yeah! I forgot the cylindrical power in my right eye.  

I remember the optometrist taking a lens from her box and held it before my eyes and asked me to read the last line, when I told her I can't see it clear, she insisted and asked me to try and I tried.  I read out 8 alphabets where there were only 5 in the chart and little pissed off by my attitude, she tried another lens and asked if the previous one was better or the current one. I said the previous one and clearly pissed with me, she asked me how the previous can be better, when I can't read the last lines, and while I was thinking of a smart retort, she found even thicker lens and I got reminded of the old woman with thick glasses in "Courage" cartoon and hurriedly said, that she was correct and I would go by whatever she feels is the correct one. 

Chastised and vulnerable,  I sat before the owner of the optical shop and looked at him the way a murder victim would look at the judge, pleading for mercy.  He told me, "Now you are middle aged, it is normal to have this near vision and it will continue to increase till you reach late 50s or 60s and when you have cataract, then while operating, they will adjust this near and distant vision through introcular lens and you can make do with out glasses.  He said this with a smile and thought I would feel really happy about this.  He expected a jubilation from me, that I will get rid of my glasses when I turn 60 and of course after a cataract surgery... *blink* 

I crawled out of the optical shop, my shoulders slumped.  I had to swipe for an amount of Rs.7,500 for just glasses alone.  Thank god!  the glass frame was gifted to me by a friend and had to spend only for one glass frame (my near frame and a dear frame too)...

I turned to look at the bright light of this famous optical shop, and looked at the owner patting his tummy.  This guy was really lucky, at the closing hours of the shop, I walked in and he made money out of me..(no pun intended).   


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Harsha said...

so according to you the ophthalmologist is the villain.. brilliant..

kavitha said...

That was a real funny one, Viji... could relate to it so well.. in fact I always dread my visits to check my vision, as I have never been able to comfortably read the entire chart how many ever glasses they try to keep adding to my already overloaded one :)

The question on which of the glasses is better has always put me in great trouble.. I have never been able to till now identify the right one.. will just take a guess and answer.. sometimes to be on the safer side, I will say there is no difference :)

Hmm.. Viji.. your article has left me thinking.. I'm not far behind the mark, so need to prepare for my next change in vision ..

Viji said...

@harsha I have to suffer a tight budget, because of him next month and yes he is not to be blamed for my eye condition but the whole medical thing has become business these day :(

Viji said...

@kavitha yes the heavy frame kept slipping from my nose or it was tilting to one side, I had to hold it and the girl got even more irritated the way I was meddling my frame.
But, any ways if she had known, I would write a blog post on her, her treatment would have been different ;)
Come on! Kavitha... let's not worry about it now, it will take some more time for you... You are still very young... enjoy the days one at a time and I still do that...

go for a single glass in both, top one glass, bottom reading glass.

Viji said...

no way... :| bifocals potta elarukum therinjudum :)

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