Happy Anniversary...!

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"Kerala" I had been chanting this name, since 20th October, 2011.  Finally, on Friday 9th November at 9.15 PM, I left Chennai on my brief sojourn to God's own country, paradise on earth - Kerala.

"Devna" meaning 'god sent', the only name I thought of first thing in morning and the last before I fell asleep for the day.  Saw her photographs and fell in love and it was instantaneous.  Devna, Manoj and Yamuna's kid the princess who is going to make them happy. 

It was 8 AM, when I reached their ancestral home at Choondal between Thrissur and Guruvayoor.  A steep slope take you to their home, cloaked in green paint and tiled roof, nestled between Are-ca palms and coconut palms.  I was stunned to look at green vegetation and the neat home free of pollution, dust and the black oxide shiny floor looked out of earth.

Yamuna, her sisters and mom invited me and there this girl, the most beautiful girl, I had ever seen peeped from her aunt's arms and looked at me little shyly and her face lit up when she saw Manoj.  The smile that made me stop and stare, my breath stopped at the sheer beauty of this little angel.  Manoj called her Jhanvi and told me the young girl is Yamuna's sister's kid.

I entered their home, to see Devna sleeping on the cot.. Dressed in Pink, 'blessing' as her very name suggested... overwhelmed for a moment, hiding the tears of glee, hurriedly.   The day went past, holding Devna and eating, talking, sleeping and it was time to leave. They gave me a room in the attic and it was low ceiling-ed and with a window facing their back yard... After a sumptuous lunch Manoj took me to the garden and showed me around.  It was sheer magnificence, the tall thin trees and the pond... lovely lovely... It was a peaceful walk not much talk, Manoj explaining and gave me the name of the trees and now and then pulling my legs... had fun.. took loads of pictures... the lighting perfect and the way the ray of light filtered through the blades of leaves were amazing.  

I can't forget the last time I peeped at Devna, on her grandma's lap taking a nap... the sweet little child thoroughly at peace.

Manoj and Yamuna are celebrating their first year of wedding anniversary today, 12th December along with the most blessed gift of their wedded life, Devna. 

Time really flies,
Seeing from outside,
Between you my dears,
There were few joys and tears....

Many a moments happy and swift,
When you turned to give a hug or a kiss......
Few moments passed, sad with tears,
To see you cry and hug even stronger....

A gift bequeathed for your year long bliss, 
A sign of love sweet and fresh...
She entered as a breeze in your paradise, 
Lot more years am sure gonna be more fun and surprise.....

Another year, another start,
Let it witness your love and war,
When you live for each other,
Even fights add more flavour...

This day, I wish you absolute fun,
Even God would struggle to spin,
A simple wish to you both, my friends!
To stay together for many more years to come...

Happy wedding anniversary, Manoj and Yamu... 


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