Anna Hazare; a refreshing change to Indian politics?

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People were very supportive to Anna Hazare, when he started his first hunger strike in 2011.  The majority of the nation was behind him supporting the cause, while few called him bakwas. Numerous such hunger strikes happened and when people realised that Lokpal is still a distant dream, the pulic support started slowly to wean off.

But, nothing prepared us for the shock, when Anna announced about his "decision to consider entering electoral politics", carefully worded at that.  Now, we are all ears and quite eager.  As the saying goes, without putting our feet down in gutters, we can't clean it.  There is this glimpse of hope that Team Anna will definitely become an honest alternate to other existing parties, is what making us eagerly waiting for more news on this.

It is quite refreshing to think there is a potential team, who can make a difference for a decade at least if they come to power.  Sorry for that pessimistic note but we know now after all these years that corruption is ground reality in politics.  But, a decade of honesty, a decade of a clean hands, a decade of bringing out new reforms is what India needs now and am sure, one change will bring about more changes.  We need fresh young blood, who are little selfless and who put our nation before their needs.

The only thing that worries me is Anna's invitation to Congress and BJP followers to join their movement if they are not happy with their respective parties.  Looks like an open invitation that can dilute, corrupt, the present determined team.

Dig Vijay Singh (Congress party) welcoming Team Anna's decision to enter politics had said, "I am very happy at their decision, I welcome them. Till now they have been only accusing us, now they must get ready to be at the receiving end." He further said, "You have to be in the system to understand how difficult it is."  Phew! he said it, difficult indeed... but who made the system difficult in the first place. Post independence, Congress was the party who ruled India for 48 years and still counting.

"Ours will not be a party, but a movement", says Kejriwal while addressing the gathering at Jantar-mantar. Let us hope for the best.

Former army chief general V.K. Singh (who had a confrontation with the present government on regarding his age issue), lending his support to Anna Hazare's movement against corruption, said, "It is in your hands.  The right to vote is with you.  You can throw the corrupt people out. Annaji is providing an alternative political force.  Go to every village and spread awareness among people."  It gave me goosebumps when I heard the speech, but hope it doesn't turn out like election campaign during election time.  Something productive should come out of such campaigns, else it will fade off easily.  Let us hope for volunteers from villages to take these messages to common people.

A new political party, with clean hands providing the voters a good corruption free alternative is what we need at this hour.  Whether Team Anna is that alternative remains to be seen.

Anna Hazare is like Anniyan Remo or Indian Kamal, only that instead of weapons or violence, he had chosen "hunger strike" as his weapon.

Jai Hind!


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Unknown said...

I appreciate your innocence and the totally optimistic outlook on life...It must be interesting to be you, to be in such a state of obliviousness :P

Viji said...

Dear Manoj,
I am optimistic and I don't feel there's anything wrong about it. I don't think pessimistic approach is not going to help either :P I always vote and don't shy away from voting and grumble that India sucks. Let's encourage a fresh team and see how it works and am really "optimistic" that it would make a difference. We have to wait and see if Team Anna can succeed in politics or if they turn out to be another congress. We are not losing anything by supporting them is my take. Thanks for dropping in.

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