Asha kalyana vaiboghamae

Asha's wedding on 2nd September 2012.   

You know what it means... a fortnight of selecting, discarding silk saris.  A week of browsing through the jewel case, hunting jewels that would go with the saris, having in mind and selecting carefully... What if the relatives would recollect me wearing that Sari, at my other niece's wedding that happened couple of years back. 

Mom behind trying to deck me with gold that I detest wearing. Why not silver, my young little heart refuses to understand :-( and she is not happy with a chain or just a choker.  May be she feels that I deserve this punishment for all the jewels she gave me for my wedding.

Hurriedly trying to colour the grey hairs.  A quick visit to the beauty parlour.  Ah! forgot to add the trip to Athreya, Nungambakkam a month before to stitch blouses for silk saris, turning a blind eye, to the fact that size of the blouse has increased at least 5 inches and paying double the cost of the Sari.  What more? Free advice from the sales woman, who refuses to see your point and is very candid and opines that the design you chose for the blouse would look good on the model but not on yourself as you are fat.  "You have those 'tyres' on your hip mam... not one but two" she added.  "So, let's make the blouse longer that way we can hide them."  There was this other sales girl who disagreed with the other woman and felt that, I should flaunt my fair skin and it is a sin if I don't.  Your husband standing next to you with a smug smile, you truly wish the ground he stands, opens up and swallows him.

Now... Who is Asha?  She's my niece.  Little girl whom I remember seeing, the day she was born and fair beautiful angel with a beautiful pink birthmark above her lips.  She looks even more beautiful and getting married to my handsome, brand new would be nephew-in-law, Kali.  God bless the happy couple!

PS: The photo you see here is taken today, when we are trying to choose the saris... 

Let me know if you are interested to know, what I am planning to wear for Asha's nichayathartham, her Jathakarnam namakarnam, her reception, her oonjal, muhurtham...I will write another post on this after the wedding... till then folks...

Forgot to add, Suresh and I got married, the same day 18 years back...

Seetha kalyaana vaiboghamae; Rama kalyaana vaiboghamae....


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