Rhymeless rhythm

There were times, when we were oblivious to the world outside,
When the world blurred around us,
Just you and me inside a bubble
Wherever we were, we made it our home
The knack of forgetting everyone, but us...

The beautiful memories etched like a painting,
Creating masterpieces and we never count them...
Few black and whites, few vibrant colours
Loads stacked in our mind and still getting added...

It is beautiful, when I slowly searched the attic,
Neither a speck of dust; nor a dull moment,
Memories as soft as a feather, caressed my heart,
Smiled as I felt every stroke, 
The tip of the feathers... Oh! too gentle...
Mesmerized with every stroke, to and fro... 

Music raining a song inside, 
Soul raised to dance and glide, 
When I called out your name,
A resonance, that reverberated 
Flowed, joyous and wild...

Like gentle ripples and morning dew,
Like drops of water on a parched throat,
Like an Oasis on a desert route,
You happened and I found me too...


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2 Candles:

simply nice.. good finish and start

Viji said...

Thanks a lot, devs... you are one among few consistent readers of my blog. Proud to have your comment here.

wisdom comes with experience

At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme