Kamal Hassan, a law unto himself

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Even before I begin this post, I had to confess that I am NOT a movie buff.  If at all I watch films, it probably mean that, I want to spend some time with my companion and movie is just an excuse.

But, there is one man in Indian cinema, whom I would love to watch on the screen - Kamal.  The aura of intelligence, that reflects in every frame of his films.  Be it an innocent chappani or an ignorant Kalyana raman, womanizer in Manmadha leelai, rebellious youth falling in love with an older woman in Apporva raagangal, handsome and charismatic Kamal in Vikram, quite obsessive Guna, Velu nayakkar in Nayagan, blind young man in Rajaparvai, fun filled youth of Sagala kala vallavan, Ninaithalae innikum, the dancer in Sagara sangamam, love starved hero in Marocharitra, Punnagai mannan... Delightfully thought provoking movies like Anbae sivam, Hey ram, Indian, Kurudhi punal, Alavandhan. Humour comes to him easy as well, Savaal, Michael Madhana Kama Rajan, Panchathanthiram, Thenaali, Pammal samandham, Pesum padam, Avvai Shanmugi.  Be it drama, be it romance, be it thriller, be it humour, he is ultimate.

Recently there was this private TV channel that celebrated 50 years of Kamal's filmdom.  One of his co-stars, mentioned how she got goosebumps, when he looked at her softly during a romantic scene.  She was sure that he had a soft spot for her.  Only to realise later, that even if a buffalo stands in her place, he would look at it as if it is the only beautiful creature in this whole world.

I remember the first time I stepped into the theatre; I was in class 7.  "Sattam" was the film's name. I watched Kamal in white blazers or was that a suit, I can't recall.  My heart skipped a beat.  Love at first sight? 

Since then, I almost watched all the films acted by Kamal Hassan. Not great ones, awesomatic ones... If not in theatre those video tapes.  I had a friend called Benita and she used to be the sponsor.  They had a "deck" (the mount to play the video tapes) at home and there was a video library close by and we pool in our money and watched films.  I sponsored only Kamal's film, the rest I'd ignore.

When we lived in Teynampet, close to his the then residence at Eldam's Road.  Not sure if he is still residing there.  I had occasional glimpses of him, but just like a dream.  If I could recall, there was this sky blue Maruti 800 he used to drive. May be he did, maybe he didn't, maybe it's just my memory playing a trick on me.  I was too young.. (now you gotta believe me, I was young once too).

Now, why did I all of a sudden writing this post about Kamal Hassan?  I can't help but admire his decision to release Vishwaroopam in TV.  I still wonder, how none of them thought of this before.  If he can pull it off, then that's one another great achievement from a great actor, producer, director.

Wishing him luck and hoping to meet him once in person just to look at him and make sure he is indeed not a figment of imagination.  If my tongue doesn't get tied, probably I might have a couple of questions to ask him.    A friend of mine, told me that he will somehow arrange for this meeting.  Time only can answer. But, all said and done, please don't come to a conclusion that I am half in love with Kamal.  Coz, it is difficult to love him pieces :)

Waiting to watch Vishwaroopam in the giant screen.


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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"Love at first sight"...i'm not sure whether Suresh will get angry or not....But Ravi Shastri will certainly...

"I have a confession to make... I just need to come out clean.. Sure, please forgive me for not confiding in you before.

It's about my first love.. it happened during the summer of 1985, when I was 15... Ravi Shastri (Shaz), with his curly locks, lanky frame, 6'3" tall, claimed the Champion of champions trophy and I stood before my blue and white television set, clapped till my palms became sore, blew a kiss and fell irrevocably in love with him.

Please clarify :)

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ha ha... bro am your elder sis remember? no sign of respect... now why the hell you have the memory of an elephant or is that a snake? grrr... shoo... go away!

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