When the Sun, Moon rose for you...

Monday, December 24, 2012 , , , , 4 Comments

Down I fall,
Down I fall,
Deep, deep, 
Deep and dark...

Wish my head hits the ground first,
Hope it makes me forget the rest.
Trying to scratch the memories that haunt,
Beyond my reach, they hide and taunt.

When my heart filled with love,
Bursting at the seams ready to flow,
Those warm days, when everything was new,
When the Sun, Moon rose for you...

Times change and people change too,
You find then, that not everything is new,
Love that filled your heart, seem to tire the other,
You remain drained, frail, useless like a muted feather.

Love is such a wasted emotion of all,
A word that can be uttered with no meaning at all,
I wait for this pain to be washed away,
Still a fool, believing that my love would win its way.


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4 Candles:

A Blip said...

Love is such a wasted emotion of all!

So true :)

Viji said...

Yes krithi.love is a wasted emotion. God is such a sick joker. No doubt he is a man. Tear you apart when you realise all your love rushes to a drain before your eyes. Love is a bloody bitch; suicidal...

the picture is ghastly... 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th stanzas are good & nice flow. In the first, there is no connect or the style is different.

But its nice.. u have brought out the pain very well..

Viji said...

Thanks Devs for the comment. Searching for pic in mobile and publishing bit tedious. Will replace it soon with a sketch of mine. Coming to the first stanza. I intended it that way. It shd stand apart, the act of falling in a deep dark pit, the love, that causes so much pain. I could have written the first stanza the same style as others, but the action would have got lost somewhere. Thanks for the read and continuous support.

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