Brave heart, Nirbhaya - (Contd)... a poem - MY MOTHER’S LAMENT

The flower has wilted and fallen
            The stream has dried up – its
Purity defiled
Nirbhaya’s gone forever – but
Our fear grows only greater.

                        Where is my India?
                        Where its shame?

Our ivory towers are yellowed and cracking
            Our women’s steps are ever into fear
                                                            And darkening
Our India Gate is well-protected round the clock
            But not our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters.

                        Where is my India?
                        Where its shame?

The kings, queens and their ministers
            Posture with their heads high - but
Their golden raiment have long vanished,
            Their faces now shine with dung.
                        Where is my India?
                        Where its shame?

Unaware our royalty struts about - sure
            In their power and their Z-plus.
No glances they ever had for us
            No thought they ever spared for us.

                        Where is my India?
                        Where its shame?

Ministers come and go and ….. come
            Setting their safety and their masters’
We the poor children of Bharat Mata
            Tremble even in our homes.

                        Where is my India?
                        Where its shame?

Our Motherland’s tears have never stopped
            Long decades since the flow started
But we do not have even tears left
            Who can cry every twenty minutes?

                        Where is my India?
                        Where its shame?

We are scorched by bold words and tall claims
            We roast in the fires of their incredible incompetence
O Bharat Mata ki aam aurat – you can soon rest in
            Rest in Peace, Rest in Peace!

The Father of the Nation’s long gone and forgotten
            What’s left? Terror, fear and torment.
O my fellow mangoes, fellow mangoes
            Do you hear your Mother’s lament?

                        Where is my India?
                        Where its shame?

Bharat Mata ki Jai!  Inspiring, no?
            Look then at the faces of your rulers.
Sober, stoic, indifference well-masked,
            They squeak ‘Jaya Hey! Jaya Hey!
                        Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey!

~David Mohan

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