When the moon light lit the path below...

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When the moon light lit the path below,
I heard you whistle a song, slow...
The tune filled the dim lit night,
Shadows stretched and moved aside.

Your song reached and raced within,
A slow dance kept me waltzing in,
I never felt this way before,
I let the music to touch and flow.

What I feel is hard to explain,
Those little thoughts denied the train,
Every step you walked that night,
The echo filled my wandering mind.

I tried to reach out to you in me,
The song elusive taunting free,
Strange I felt delighted to the fact,
That you are beyond my grasp and difficult to catch.

Happy to follow you from behind,
Searching your footprints, light and firm,
Not a difficult task for me,
Not many left the footprints in me.


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