One lakh page views.... a milestone of success or under performance?

Saturday, February 09, 2013 , , 2 Comments

Not sure if I should rejoice this moment or feel like an under achiever.  My blog was started 5 years back and now with 333 published posts, 42 labels and 63 followers has grown if not in leaps and bound, slow and steady. 

For me it is a wonderful moment, to see this magical number. My blog is my baby, lavished with loads of love and care. I may not be a perfect mother to my blog.  But, I learn from my mistakes and make sure that even a minor fall does not affect my child. The walls of my blog; if only it can talk or write on its own, it would talk about my smiles, my love, my tears, my writer blocks, my frustrations, my successes, my failures...

I thank you all for the trips you had taken to my blog.  Though not consistent in writing, I made sure the blog was not neglected for long. 

Few of my popular posts...

For once am tongue tied and hundreds of thoughts clashing at the same time, I stop now and will meet you again in my next posts.

Happy reading!


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Asha Sundar said...

Its truly a success..

Congrats Viji :)

Viji said...

thanks loads asha :)

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