I bow before you my lord...

Monday, April 29, 2013 , , , 0 Comments

My throat hurt from smiling tight, 
Love denied and my heart cries, 
Why do I still hold on? 
The mockery of love, laughing so hard. 

Show me a place where there is no love, 
I would vanish this minute with out a frown. 
Give me the power to erase the trace, 
Every space clear, ready to be braced. 

God!  If you are kind soul, 
Please take me away from this world. 
I surrender my body and soul to you, 
You burn,  bury but not recycle for somebody to use. 

Brutally battered,  tired of blows, 
Heart's cry swallowed and sold, 
I bow before you my lord, 
Swing your sword now, it wouldn't hurt at all. 


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