An insomniac's rest

Night doesn't scare me anymore,
I stepped on the sand and walked to the shore.
The waves sound, deafening my ears,
The wind strong, blowing fierce...

It's unfair your thoughts followed,
Howling at me, through waves and shore,
Closing my ears, I raced to the sea,
To blot the feel of your hands on me...

I sat on the sand as waves tore,
Smashing me breathless, clawing my toes...
I immersed firm on the wet sand,
Waves high slapping my hands...

Not a soul under the midnight moon,
The weird sounds snatching my hood,
I wanted to embrace the wave strong,
It evaded after fighting me long.

I knelt and crawled slowly forward,
Waves pushed me down uncovered.
The anger of being left out,
I rolled inside the sea with a shout...

A giant wave, forcing its way...
Took me in without delay,
My eyes burnt raw like fire,
Another wave burning a pyre.

There inside the sea, without you,
I danced my last song fierce and true,
With a smile, I loosened my robes,
Welcoming the sea to caress every pore...

The breath slammed fast on my chest,
Knifing through my lungs, rushed and sped...
Slowly I felt my eyelids close,
Atlast, my heart is ready to dispose...


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

2 Candles:

Nice start and finish..u have brought out the pain beautifully..

liked the ending part..its like delirium..

Viji said...

Thanks devs :)

wisdom comes with experience

At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme