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Sky dusted with freckled clouds,
Moon peeped, overdressed and proud,
Tried pulling the clouds down,
Wanting to rise and shine alone.

Shrugging the hands that tried to hold,
Resisted, shrugged and climbed above,
From yonder, I glanced below,
Looked at you, looking above.

Your hands stretched, calling out,
I looked away, making you crave,
Hurt, you started to walk,
A solitary figure, so alone...

Everyday, I trained my eyes,
To watch you and felt the pride,
Every time, pain crossed your face,
I felt powerful as the pain was caused by me...

When I saw her follow you devoted,
I laughed at the wasted efforts cast on your tread,
Slowly she closed the distance between you and her,
My eyes cringed as she came near.

When you looked at her with interest,
A slow smile creeping on your face,
She neared, holding her hands
And it was all there for you to take.

When you stopped looking above,
When I lost for sure the hold on you,
Helpless! I floated above..
Cursing the law of gravity...

Looked like you whispered to her,
Gently only for ears,
Yet, I heard every word uttered,
My heart crumbled and disappeared.


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