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"You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I'm offering is the truth – nothing more."

All of us, at one point of time were dreamers, then practical jokers and wisdom quoters.  Look! I call myself an agony aunt and I have my own quote base that shares my wisdom or lack of it.  Only that, the quotes gets complicated as we grow and the life before us stretches wide, narrow, crooked, straight, at times disconnected.  You are lucky if you meet the straight, wide, narrow, crooked paths first, gain wisdom before you arrive at the disconnected path and you are ready and impatient for this jaunt.  Jaunt? When almost at the brink of falling down or taking a hit? Yeah! Where’s the fun in living a mundane life? This disconnected path needs to be filled by the correct tile, the tile need to be shaped, polished, scrapped, cut to fit in to the path leaving a trace or merge beautifully leaving no trace. There are others who land and find themselves at disconnected path first, struggle, fail or emerge victorious and moves on to easier roads and find them so empty and boring and wait for hurdles to cross.

It's just a perspective.  A speculation on what is victory and what is failure and no one can determine, as there are layers between failures, victory and they are interconnected and inevitable.  What one person's victory is other person's failure.

Thought of talking to people whom I respect for what they achieved, and here is my first 'Talk a sentence, Talk a paragraph or Talk a page with Madhu Krish.

Here we go! An e-mail chat with Madhusudan Krish

Profile: 22 years of experience in media industry, heading and managing post-production, operations and process spread across India, Singapore.  Worked for organizations like Pixion, Prasad Corporation Ltd, Riard Media Pte Ltd, Powerhaus Pte Ltd

How would you like to describe Madhu as a kid, teenager, husband, father?

As a Kid: Pleasant
As a Teenager:  Dreamer
As a Husband: Warm and compassionate
As a Father:  Motivator

The beginning, the Flow…

·         1990 saw my completion of my academics.  No! didn't even think about higher studies as my father was due to retire from the services next year, I had enough to study to last a life time and I was impatient to try out my talents and my quest began when I got selected through a competitive interview for an entry level post in a prestigious company in Aurangabad.  But the end came within 2 months, it was chaotic, I had to take a decision, I was confused but came back to Chennai. Jolted, but the optimism in me kept me going till the next assignment came along.This time a proprietary company in Chennai at an industrial estate in north Madras.Worked there for few months. Madhu in me craved for more. I kept my eyes open for some opening in technical arena. 
·         Saw an Ad, for a career opportunity in Prasad Studios as trainee in their post-production division.  The Flow then started, to set my future as I desired.  What do they say, if your passion happens to be your profession too, then you are the happiest man in the world. My stepping in to Prasad Video Digital in the late 1990s, set the stepping stone of my whole career.  I joined as an assistant to the editor and grew to assistant editor, later chief editor. Those long hours, 6 or even 7 days a week taught me the post production process and art of creative editing. During my spell with Prasad Video Digital, I had edited many awards winning ads, films, documentaries, trailers and video programs for the ad film makers.

·         As we grow, the change is inevitable. Growth gets stagnated, if  it stays at the same place.  I decided it was time to move on, for more challenges and I wanted a change of scene and kept an eye on overseas opportunities.  When the decision was made, my future looked more colourful and exciting and the opportunity came.

·         It was 1997 and I flew to Singapore, It was the first time for me to go overseas and my family was excited as well.  I joined Powerhaus Pte. Ltd.a boutique post-production studio at Singapore. The Chief Editor post greeted me and was instrumental in editing award winning documentaries and ad films. Though it was a similar profile to my previous assignment, the enticing part being the liaison person for International clients. This opportunity added finesse, to my technical skills and made me in to a finer professional.  The combo of technical, managerial that was essential for growth.

·         1999, I moved to Riard Media Pt. Ltd. another boutique post production company in Singapore. Edited and supervised the post production of discovery channel content besides local channel content. The company appreciated my ways of working and recommended and applied for my Singapore Permanent Residentship, became a Singapore Permanent Resident in the year 2001.  When I look back, it was my greatest dream to be a permanent resident of another country and it happened.

·          In the year 2003 had an opportunity to work as Supervising Editor at VHQ Singapore, the most reputed post production companies in Asia. I did few free lancing whenever; there was a snag in showcasing my creative side. India called me again and the same year I moved to Mumbai, India joined Prasad EFX (Prasad Corporation Ltd.) as Post-Production Supervisor. It was here, I planned and executed, India’s first film in digital Post Production “Khakhee” and finished it as point of reference in digital post-production of India.  Needless to say I am proud to be a part of the pioneering team in digital post-production of India.

·          It was 2005 and I moved to Chennai division of Prasad EFX to head the Digital Post Production for films. I somehow lost count of the hundreds of films I had planned and executed post production.

·         2009 saw my move to Pixion studios Chennai as head of digital post production and here in addition to the technical role, I brought in business and revenue to the company as well.  The business development skill in me was challenged and I was instrumental in bringing regional business to Pixion.

What I would call my key milestone of my career:

·         Setting up and heading the Digital Post Production Team for Prasad Group at their Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad offices and delivering many award winning films.

·          Planning and execution of India’s first 4K resolution digital film post production for the film “Shivaji” and creating a yardstick for film post production in India.

·         Planning and executed India’s first film in digital Post Production for the film “khakhee”, there were lots of obstacles I faced in this assignment and I took it as a challenge to overpower them.

·         I was given an opportunity in setting up and operating the digital post production of Pixion’s Chennai facility and within a short span of time made the company visible amongst customers. 


Currently in Navi Mumbai working for a reputed corporate company.  This assignment again I am sure will be a trend setter in India.

My Passion

Boundless desires,  little wanderlust, kid’s jargons brings a smile. I still am a dreamer and continue to dream about few realities, few passions and few dreams too.
Am I transparent or secretive?

Mostly transparent, secretive on circumstances.  Secretive if it would cause discontent or uneasiness to my loved ones.


Have faith in religion and my favourite quote in Bhagavad Gita “on this path, effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure. Even a little effort toward spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear”.

Political Scenario

Not interested in politics, too much of corruption.

There is a procedure to govern and it is always there for everyone to follow, politicians deviate from those processes hence there is extensive corruption.  Only youth muscle could change this.  Yeah! I know what's coming up next.  No! I am not interested.  Even the most honest, change or forced to change in politics as time goes by.  I always want to be an honest man, hence I am staying away.

Favourite Sport as an audience:

My Daughter's Basket Ball matches.

Favourite Sport as a participant:

Cricket, Chess

Hits & Misses:  As a dreamer, there is this constant dream of not gone into professional coaching in these sports.  There is always a discontent in everyone's life on the, "Road not taken" path and there will always be "What ifs" and wondering how the life could have been.  I consider myself lucky as I have this creative part in me is living, while the other part is waiting to be explored and I haven't closed those doors yet.


The wanderlust person in me likes to travel. Be it the shortest distance from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai or as far as Singapore or Europe.  Those are the places I always like to visit.  Singapore as a PR and Europe as a tourist.

The best joke, I ever been a part of...

One of those college days and I was travelling with friends in bus from college to home. We were all sitting in the last row of the bus, near the steps. There was one good looking girl standing near the conductor seat, she was ahem! Little bulky and one of my friend commented “endhakadayila nee arisivaangura?” (Literally means, which shop you, buy your rice?).  All hell broke loose and a guy who was standing on the steps grabbed my friend by his shirt and challenged him for a duel.  Naturally we assumed that he was with the girl and feeling protective.  What followed was hilarious till this day. He barked, "Do you buy me rice, what's your problem? How does it matter to you?” We all remained with a stupefied look, catch 22 situation. We can't explain to him that we didn't mean him but the girl next to him.  It was not until we got down the bus, we realised how funny the situation was and laughed till our tears dried out.

Given a chance would you like to revisit your past, erase off few areas and start them afresh?  What would be those areas?  Or if you are content with your life so far, how you would like to sculpt your future?

There is no point in looking back, one always need to remember the past shortfalls to emerge successful in the future.

If I have an opportunity to erase few areas of past and have the option of starting afresh, I would still not go in conflict with nature.  I had missed few things in the past, it can always be brought back at any point of time, one need to have resilient thoughts and ambitions for this.

My favorite actor:  Rajnikanth and Kamalhassan

My Favorite film: Karnan and Sholay

My Favorite music composer: Illayaraja 

Music, what it does to you? Healing and rejuvenation

My Favorite book: Alchemist

My Favorite quote:   "It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection”

My Favorite food:  Moar Kuzhambu

My Favorite drink: Filter Coffee

My own quote:  Boundless desires are vital for feat

Questions to myself:

What are your Hobbies?
Enjoys Music, Driving, Swimming, Travelling

Do you consider yourself successful?
No, still lot to succeed

What motivates you?
Vitamin M

I believe in keeping my eyes half shut and half open. That way, I have the prerogative to see what I want to see and ignore otherwise :) That's me quite literally proving my statement.  Ready to shoot!  


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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