Far behind - Act - 1, Scene - 6

Curtain rises

Mallory seen strumming his guitar and humming...

The street light bit unkind,
Roads stripped merciless; frail
Yonder a desolate man barring his soul,
The song unattended, came blaring loud...

Echoes from my heart, I try to hide,
The attic where the little boy hide,
The ruckus heard from below,
Wishing for quiet, but more shouts follow...

When I felt her hands on me, I pretended to sleep,
Callous, her hands shook me awake,
I opened my eyes to see her beedy eyes,
She lay down next to me and ordered, "Touch!"

Stephen Mallory, enters to see his father in tears.  He lowered himself next to his Dad and held his hands.

Stephen: Dad! How are you?
Mallory: (exclaiming) Steve? What brings you here? When we spoke last week, you never told me about your visit.
Stephen: I came on a business visit Dad.  Will be here for couple of weeks.
Mallory: How is Ed? You could have brought him. It has been almost six years since I saw my grandson. How is Linda?
Stephen: Ed has to attend school and Linda should be there to take care of him. Dad, I still don't understand what is stopping you from visiting us.
Mallory: I will soon. Now, you go freshen yourself. Say Hello to Bertha and tell her breakfast for two.
Stephen: Sure Dad. Can we have breakfast served at Lawn?
Mallory: (Grinning) Why not? The English air will do you good.
Stephen: (Laughing) Missed you Daddy..
Mallory: I missed you too, Son. Now, come soon. We have a lot to chat.

Bertha serves breakfast and lays the tea tray on the table and leaves.  Mallory prefer not to talk while eating and except for chirping of birds and clatter of the cutlery, there wasn't much sound. Bertha came to clear the table and both Mallory and Steve thanked Bertha for the delicious breakfast and raised their steaming cup of tea to their lips and started to drink.

Stephen: Can I ask you something Dad?
Mallory: Yes, son provided if you leave me to my choice to answer or not.
Stephen: Of course, Dad. Won't force you for a reply. Why were you crying, when I came in to see you?
Mallory: I was thinking of my childhood and few bad memories.
Stephen: Dad, you never told me much about Grand Dad and grand ma before.
Mallory: There's nothing much to say.  Your Grand Dad loved his wife, my Mom and when she died, while giving birth to me, his heart broke and transferred his love to me.  After 4 years, he married another woman and neglected her, except to bring me up.
Stephen: Grand mom? Was she kind to you?
Mallory: You said you came for an official visit, what time should you be at office?

Mallory understands that his Dad is trying to evade the topic and let the conversation drop.

Stephen: Will be home by evening dad and we will continue the conversation.

Saying that, he leaves. Bertha was standing near the stairs and when she saw Stephen, she asks if he plans to meet the doctor. He nodded and headed to his room.

Curtain lowered...


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2 Candles:

first you have patience to write scene by scene

second.. onum puriyala.. why suddenly feel like reading non-detail book.or one-act plays..

Third.. are you Ok.. is your head heavy..

see now i'm writing point by point ..

Viji said...

"patience is virtue", babe... and I've kept the first 5 scenes disjointed for a reason. These 5 scenes, 5 incidents happen and Mallory is a part of those scenes and if he is connected to things happening there is how the play is going to progress. I am quite fine and thanks for asking.. as for my head being heavy, literally translated in tamil to Mandai ganam, NO. I am a very simple person, with simple pleasures like giving my readers little headache and keep reading it will get more intense.. not your headache the play :) thanks for your read Devs and as always I am happy to see your comments.

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