Far behind - Act - 1, Scene - 5

Piano plays at the background..

Mallory: (to his pet dog, Max ) Wherever I go, whatever I do, death follows. You have any idea how much it pains to see some one vibrant and alive one moment and dies the next, soon after they tread my path? Trust me, Max! I don't mean any harm to them but I am cursed. Evil always follows on my wake.

Max growled playfully...

Hearing Mallory talking to someone, Bertha came out of Kitchen and found Mallory talking to himself. Worried expression crossed on her face and she decided to talk to Stephen. She felt Mallory was disturbed about something and muttered to himself on more than one occasion.

The longcase clock struck 2 and Mallory got up and rang the bell for his Tea.  

Mallory stared at the clock and remembered his fascination towards it when he was young. His dad taught him how to key the clock and he had to climb on a chair and tip toe to accomplish that. He wished to become as tall as his dad and powerful too. He had seen people wait for his dad to take his advice on any legal issues. His dad a retired Judge, always tried to help people who were distressed. 

Bertha entered the drawing room and saw Mallory talking to the clock. She decided to call Stephen Mallory that night. She was sure that Mallory needed immediate care and treatment for his mental stability. She almost spilled the tea, when Mallory in a booming voice started to sing... 


Awww merry merry clock,

You wait for an hour to sound your gong...
When you sound one, it equals none..
Two, you almost make it through,
Three sounded benign,
And Four not so kind,
At Five you start the fight,
At Six you made up with a tryst...
At Seven, you went agog..
And Eight completely lost..
It was Nine, time for a wind.
Ten, the echoes not kind,
It was eleven and I settled to snore,
Am sure you will continue to explore...
Awww merry merry clock...
Oh! no no... you can't run this fast...
My merry merry little clock...

The curtain comes down and Mallory's voice continued to sing but from a distance...


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