Another year passes by and new year waiting to rise...

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Where am I? A minutest dot in this whole world, an insignificant dot in this whole universe, writing a blogpost sitting on my couch...

The past year shrunk the world for me... the world I saw was through my windows... a shrunken world. 

For someone who had been extremely busy, I became the most idle person and my world started to revolve around my family. Few ups and lots of downs, I am impatient for this year to fold and brand new year to rise. The optimist in me tells me this year will be good and I am waiting little impatient for 2014.

Resolutions: I am scared that I will get shot, if I say that making no resolutions is my resolution. So here are my new year resolutions.

  1. Start to love Viji a little and stop being the worst ever critic.
  2. Start a bucket list of wishes with an end date and push myself to fulfil them.
  3. Strike the word "patience" from my list of virtues.
  4. Extend my love for only those who earned it.
  5. Deliver promises at any cost and expect the same
  6. Take a bus or train and go to the final destination and do a photo walk/stop.
  7. Stop being a jack of all trades and concentrate on one thing and master it.
  8. I saved this last one for the best. To make a head start on my dream about designing and creating silver jewellery. I somehow bent upon the name Jezebel but now having second thoughts. Will keep you posted on the name and details, once it is finalised.

Never witnessed a new year countdown except for watching them in televisions. Hopefully if things goes well and I remain alive and kicking I would love to welcome 2015 standing and cheering with perfect strangers. Not getting any younger you see.

With one prayer on my lips, I end this post. "Make the new year brighter and allow us some peace, little success, little joy and let the love we offer comes back to us if not in multifold atleast a quarter fold."

Now! I am ready to welcome the new year sitting by the side of my windows, my mind has been granted with a free rein and fly to places I would really want to be this year... I might be an insignificant sparrow for your eyes but my mind is capable of taking the shape of an hawk and fly high. Thats one blessing every poet is bestowed with.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year 2014! Have fun! 


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Unknown said...

hmmmm you just escaped narrowly from getting shot...

wishing all your wishes comes true this's to a wonderful new year

wisdom comes with experience

At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme