A dream where I tasted fear - Under the bridge

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Have you ever had a dream, where you wish and pray that it is a dream and you wake up from that?

A dream where your man is stolen right before your eyes and you aren't blind folded or your hands and legs not bound, mouth not gagged, yet you watch helpless wanting to scream, but choked and stunned.
He was standing with you 60 seconds back and now the place where he stood is vacant, you look stupefied and wait for something to happen. 

I am sure that was the middle of the dream. Something happened before that, some happy moments, that I don't remember clearly.  From what I remember now, we were walking on a bridge, looking down at the water that was still and I hear him laugh, that teasing laugh of his and I was as usual enjoying every minute glancing sideways and even before his laugh faded to a smile, there was a screeching halt of that old fashioned Jeep and 4 to 5 masked men, raced towards us, bound his hands and dragged him away.  I remember the way he looked at me, with love, fear and there was something else in those eyes, that warned me not to follow, before he allowed himself to be dragged.  

Maybe too many films. But, I raced, till the Jeep became a distant speck carrying my life, away... far away from me. Too may questions in my mind.  Why? What did he do? It should be a mistake. They mistook him for someone else.  Forcing to think one step at a time, I turned and looked around me, Where am I?  The place was dry with an occasional tree, the Sun fierce.  

I walked back slowly, I should go to Police. I retraced my steps to that bridge and there were people gathered, where we stood and chatted sometime back. They were pointing down at the river and I walked towards it in a daze and looked down and found the Jeep.  Men dragging him, punching him. I always thought he was invincible, nothing can hurt him. He usually took control of everything, I can safely close my eyes and put my head on his shoulders and trust him to take care of us.  But, he was bleeding, suffering, yet refused to cry out, bearing every blow, but he looked angry to me. I was watching, not doing anything.  I kept watching. 5 of them against my one.  I started to walk down the bridge looking for a way through the bushes and thorn trees and I kept walking down, not a clue on how I would manage the situation, one thing very clear, I don't want to see a dawn or a dusk without him.  I wanted to die with him if there is no chance to live.  We promised to be there for each other and I walked down to be with him.

When I woke up, I didn't wake from this dream.  Probably I had few other dreams before this and few after this.  But, the only thing I remember is his smile and my love for him and the fact that however illogical the dream was, my love for him has become stronger and understood that without him I don't exist.

No more stopping by Napier's Bridge even for a photograph at least not when I am with him! What a nightmare!


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