24 - The secret gateway to God knows where!

The mystery behind 24:

It's one of those casual days, when I flipped through my FB feeds and found a relative of mine posting just the no 24 and gave us a free rein to guess... His passion is running marathons and quite intense when it comes to running. I frequently see those staggering numbers of kilometres he runs, nothing less than 35 or 40 kms decorating his FB walls through some app calculator.  Just to see those status make me pants, especially for someone who boasts about walking 2 or 3 Kms in a day and feel so proud about it.  This walk most of the times termed by me as photo walks and I stand more at one place and shoot pictures than walking.

My cousin's husband today put a status "24", as usual there were guessing games and he ruled out it is not marathon as he ran 41 kms today and I warned him that I will write a blog post about 24 and it can be anything about 24.  Instead of replying he simply liked my comment and now, I take that as a challenge and as usual try to make it one more blog post. I am, happy that I got some weird topic to rant about.

What can 24 mean? since Wiki at times is too factual and too practical, so not planning to quote many from there.
  • If you keenly look at 2 and 4, you will find 'n' number of things to think of.  Doesn't that look like a Swan with its wings spread high? Doesn't that look like a Snail carrying it's house everywhere?
  • Just to look at that curve 2 and angled 4.  2 looks so girly and curvey and 4 so crisp and manly, when they join together the chemistry hits rock high and Chromium results.
  • Though the numerals are infinite, a day cannot stretch beyond 24 hours, it is too finite isn't it?
  • 24 reminds me of Gold, in the purest form
  • 24 TV series, comprises of 8 seasons, 24 episodes for each season and the 24 episodes comprises of 24 hours in the life of the lead actor
  • Every dimension has kissing numbers and 4th dimension's kissing number is 24; Err! not elaborating, only science can make a word as sensuous as kissing in to something so complicated and technical.  I don't even want to research about it.
But, my guesses comes to a stop here.  Cannot think anything beyond this on 24, may be 12x2=24, that's as far as my Math goes.  Not even by my widest imagination, I can find anything related to marathon and the only Marathon I can think of now is sleep marathon, eat marathon, movie marathon and shop marathon..

Curiosity kills the cat they say, till I die I probably might poke my nose where it is not welcome and do I bother about it? Not at all!  :O Yawn! 


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