Have you ever wondered about death?

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Death is a word that is a taboo for many.  Most of us fear to talk or even think about death. 

But some how I feel Death is getting liberated, an inevitable transformation from being mortal to another state, it varies from person to person, religion to religion, belief to belief.  This transformation is almost like, ice melting to water and water changing to vapour or as sublime as solid changing to vapour.  

How to differentiate death from life? Does death means, stop living as in cease to live? or when the heart and lungs stops functioning? or when the brain is dead? We know that when attached to life support systems, people can still live without heart or lungs and we have heard about brain dead women under life support go through the gestation period, and healthy baby delivered.  Is this living state or dead state?

When we go beyond all this and declare ourselves dead, signed and wrapped for send off, what do we do? Where do we go?   Aside:  I am not scared of dying but getting cremated or getting buried give me creeps. 

So, when we are declared dead and we move to the next state sublime or not, what happens?  If you google there are answers but that fall under some religion, karma, atman, heaven, hell, clouds.  Though I am not against this and I perfectly understand there are answers that exists for the most difficult questions and tough to comprehend.  Yet, let us leave our thoughts roam and see if we can find a legit answer for this.  

So, I tried to sit inside a dark room alone and no one to disturb and shut my eyes and start trying to analyse. Where did I start?  Is there life after death? Like some of the scriptures say, do I take multiple births for betterment of my soul?  

Theist believes in either life after death, hell, heaven and it all depends on how good and bad we behave when we live.  Atheist believes that we live and we cease to live.  When 'cease to live' factor scared people, they invented religion that gradually installed itself and brought about heaven, hell, soul and life after death.  

If you came here to find for answers about death.. No! I am also wondering about death.  But, I am ready to embrace it when the time comes.  It would be boring to live year after year this way.  Who wants to live a thousand, when I can't even think about living for another score without getting bored.  So let me live happily as long as I live, be helpful and die a peaceful death and since I am not an atheist, I would like to meet my God and have a tea with him?  I hope they have Tea there in heaven.


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