I cannot dream my dreams for you...

Monday, September 21, 2015 , 0 Comments

Those hidden lines between my life and yours...
You brushed and made them visible tonight..
I understand, I cannot dream my dreams for you...
Without those dreams, life is bleak for me.

You have your dreams to pursue,
You have your timelines set...
I don't know where I fit in,
Never before there was an "I" before "you".

The "you" before me is not needed now I see...
There is just two options before me,
To remain and be an endangered extinct,
To leave and become extinct.

Your occasional word or two,
Was a balm that healed then...
Now there is no time to stop by,
Words dipped in anger and pain,
I stand helpless.

Unable to climb those ladders with you,
Afraid to stay back and miss you...
I know for sure, you will not stop,
To check if I am lost.

Your time before you, you feel is limited,
It's a waste of time for you to ponder.
Go ahead reach those heights,
Will follow as long as I can...

When the fear of heights
Hit me wild,  my feet falter,
Forcing me to stay behind,
I will hold on as far as I can...

Before I fall...the last thing I wish to see
You climbing stealthily way ahead of me.
If or when you realise I had fallen,
Don't stop, keep moving towards your reality...

I know emotions are timewasters for you,
My dreams for you tucked safely in mine,
I will hobble back to climb,
Or gaze at you till you disappear in your cloud nine.



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