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Living in our memories and when I think about you, I can't believe you are not with us.

Life throws us the worst surprises and 31st of May 2013, I received the most ugliest surprise of all. I am still not able to come to terms of your leaving this world.

Every time I see your grand daughter I wish you are there to see her pranks and I wish she had her grandpa to play with, talk to.  I wish you were there when your son got his highest salary paid, I wish you were with him when he was missing you with no one to share his pains. I wish you were there to see your daughter getting the award on stage, I wish you were with her during her tough times and I wish you were with her when she started the new job. I wish you were here for everyone at your home, for all your friends. I wish you were here and I wouldn't have thought writing this post.

When I entered today into your office room and saw a emptt writing pad and just flipped through, there half way through, I saw couple of pages written and I read those pages of an incomplete story. Somehow I got my answer for a "why" I always had about God.  The incomplete story with an answer.

I remember you today, not as a faded image but a kind, lively, spirited man. I remember you today as a daughter not biological one though, wishing I had lot more years with you. And I pray, please be with your kids and love them as you always did and if possible come back to the family one way or other. We all miss you!


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