My 400th Blog post - Romance with the world

The mile stone posts always make me tongue tied, rather pen tied.. No! keyboard shy.  Whatever! I started to write the post and so I hope I would finish this in exactly 10 minutes.

Such posts always has special mentions; a thanksgiving post.  My 100th post was a poetry recital from a friend and 200th post was all about me posing for office calendar and this and that.  300th post in gangnam style celebrating my blog.

400th post is for promises? dreams?

Promises is for new year eve - so, No!

Dreams: Everyone knows about my dreams now, more than me - so, No!

What else?

This time it I want to talk how small I am in this universe.

A feeble particle that starts its day early or late and wind up early or late and do nondescript things and feels useless and looks at the remaining part of the bigger world buzzing around doing important things like:

Sun starting the day early or wind up late, rolling on the sky, dating with clouds.
Moon staying all evening and romancing all through nights with fallen stars.
Seas staying up day and nights making wild love with waves and sands and fishes and octopus and giant blue waves.
Mountains with covered blanket of snow, yet feeling cold and feels an occasional stirring when the sun lights up the sky.
Planets that revolves round the sun usually fiddle but a wayward flirt with asteroids falling on their lap ending on an out of the world climax.
Earth opening up to swallow the world with in, when it is hungry for human skin.
Flowers blooming at the touch of the sun or the moon and fades as their beloved sets.
Animals roaming around at their will, no barriers, no restrictions, living their life as they wish and dying young and energetic.

How colourful and important the world is and how insignificant and grey Viji is when compared to the bigger world that comprises of bigger/smaller things.

With a sigh, I flitted though these lines.  Why am I cribbing instead of rejoicing?  Not that I do not have a caring family.  Not that I do not have good friends around me.  Not that I do not have a challenging wonderful vocation. Not that I do not have enough challenges. Not that I do not have passions that is not beyond reach.  Not that I do not have a set of dreams to follow through.

It is only that I look at the world and think they are doing wonderful things that I can't.

I now tried to look how they might envy me.

Sun: Sigh! I can't sleep late or afford to be lazy.
Moon: Sigh! I am not a Lothario and I want some peace and some time alone too.
Seas:  I wish I can stay away for a while, tucked inside the sky and feel the sky and clouds on me instead of waves and sands and fishes and octopus and giant blue waves.
Mountains: I want to shirk the snow during winters and gather snow during summers.  I want to lie down for a while and in bad need to rest my legs.
Planets:  Feeling guidy spinning round the sun.  Wish I could stop and rest my shoulders and what the hell! why these freaking asteroids choose me as their target. It hurts.. Ouch!
Earth: Now! listen you abuse me and anger me and I am forced to open up and gobble you all and do I enjoy it? No! I feel already heavy, please don't make me more heavier inside out too.
Flowers: Hypocrites! the sun's ray and moon's ray? you think that's enough?  The wind lover passing on pollen grains as though they do a favour and rushes away and expect me to get pregnant?
Animals:  Living in a constant fear, we survive and have to fight to live everyday. Where's the security?

Moral:  I am not going to say, be content! be greedy for things that might actually make you happy, yet at the same time not pressure you and weigh you down with greed that might drain the energy in you.  In other words be happy!

With love,


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