The key in your hand

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When you have the key in your hand,
Key to cheer up my melancholic mind,
When you have the power in your wand,
Power to wash the sadness twined...

Why do you add more coal?
To the bright burning pyre.
Why to utter kind words?
That's hurtful than a sharp spear...

Words I tried to swallow with force,
Biting my lips to seal them in...
Tears restrained creeping through Shores,
Tearing at the rock sweeping in...

Do you understand the spoken fears?
The fear of living without love
Do you understand those shed tears?
The fear of a woman filled with love.

I have decided to end this pain hard,
Gently withdraw the needle that's stuck.
Will shove into the hole a hot iron rod,
Waiting for the breath to hit and spurt.

I don't have the urge to move on,
I don't have the wish to live...
Can I call you selfish for moving on?
Am I selfless wanting you to stay on?

~ an old wives tale


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