Paradise lost

Tuesday, April 07, 2015 0 Comments

Yet another day, the Orange ball raised itself half hearted,
Waking everyone along with it,
Gently piercing through the eye lids,
Reaching the mind and ring the alarm...

It was just another day,
When I woke up to the orange sun,
Jogging slow, dragging my feet sleepily
Mind mushed with layers of sleepiness...

Like cotton wool, peeled them layer by layer,
There was this one small piece of cotton stuck deep.
Trying to reach it, failing to reach,
Looked for an aid to pluck it wild.

This feeling quite new,
Anger for being helpless and used,
The hands searching for the missing piece,
Close to reach yet beyond...

A tiny grasp the reach so near...
Fingers etched, stretching and reaching with fear,
The chit of cotton, driving crazy,
A paradise on land yet not near.


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