Tide turned in, never to return...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 0 Comments

Somewhere deep inside, there is this churning
Tough to explain if it's pain or this nagging of an onslaught of numbness
Or is that relief felt for you or for the rest

Deep inside, I can hear your voice,
The cheerful about to laugh this moment voice
I hear your painful moans, when I lifted your hands to hold,
Like soft cotton your palm laid on mine
Dear, it pains to think of past times

I am blotting you this moment
I wish my memory is as bad as yours,
To forget, when you slipped to rest,
Finally, you will not feel the pain, 
Your hands will not lift to hold your head
At peace, you rest my dear brother.
Where you will find your moments of joy and no tear.

The tide turned in,
Never to return,
The memories left behind
Wanting you to return...


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