You whisper in my ears, your craziest thoughts...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 , 0 Comments

When the waves hit the coast of Bali,
When the mists settles over the trees,
When the fire spreads through the forest in south,
When the rain falls in torrent,
When the tornado gather its speed on the plains,
When the sun heats up the sands of Sahara,
When the snow covers the mounts of swiss,
When the stars fly on the night sky,
When the fishes stroke through the length of Niles,
When the wind hisses on the tree tops,
Lie down on me, the night is still young,
Let's talk about the hurricanes east...
Let's watch a game, we never watched,
You whisper in my ears, your craziest thoughts,
Let's live a life not measured,
Let's love some more with out restraint,
Let's dream some more that mornings deny,
Let's bathe in the fragrance of the night,
Let's stretch this night, longer than other nights.

Painting courtesy: Sleep by Kevin Sinnott


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