A ghost story

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Everything was perfect until two days back I told my mom, that my heart beats fast and feeling scared to go to the restroom during nights. She casually told me to avoid going to that bathroom during nights and use the one in her room instead.

Only those who had experienced living in South Indian houses and not apartments might relate to this story. She further told me that, one of our neighbours told her the story of a woman who lived long back in our house, who was very unhappy and jumped in a well and committed suicide.

Someone who never believed in ghosts, I started to dread every nook and corner of my home. My mom took it upon her shoulders to reassure me and told me not to fret. She further added, that the well was closed soon after the incident, as if that would comfort me.

A small pat on my back one day, a cold touch on my hands the other day and a series of scary dreams today, making my scream all squished up like a toothpaste followed by my son’s answering scream woke the whole street up.

Dreams! Those that was all indianised version of Annabel dragging me by my feet, the floor where I was lying down tilts and tries to take me down, a washing machine comes racing my way and a woman hanging from the celing to my left and to my right a head bent with hair streaming down, like that of the Tamil movie "pisasu", but slightly creative the dream was as it was curly hair and grey hair interlaced unlike the straight and jet black hair. I raise my hand to pull the hair, for whatever reasons God only knows and it was that exact moment, I opened my eyes screaming and my son let out an echoing scream that was induced by mine…

Mom came racing in and said it was just a dream and asked me to drink water.

I sat up still shaking and after a while everyone left to mind their own businesses.

I don’t really remember, how long I sat and stared at my hands furled on my lap.

I chided myself…. uff! It’s just a dream.

When I unfurled my hands to raise myself up and my eyes narrowed and I raised my palms towards the light, was that… Hair?


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