" Beauty is only skin deep", they say…

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I used to feel bad all those years back when my cousins spent their hard earned money on fairness cream. They wanted to get rid of their tanned skin, who am I to opine otherwise, though I always believe tanned skin is healthier than the fair ones? They believed in the myth that fair skin is the most sought after. So, they lavished on fairness cream and using them made them happy and turned them confident women. That’s what eventually matters isn’t it?
A decade or two back, women were obssessed with beauty parlours, every street had a small parlour, untidy, unhygienic, but served the purpose. Beauty care got cheaper then and almost anyone, rich or poor can indulge. The affordability, made women more confident. Trimmed eyebrows, waxed arms and "U" type haircuts, bleached faces became common. This was during late 1980s.
Later during initial orkut days, when online romance started to brew up, women who were ready for long distance relationship, started to use Photoshop designing tools to add some whiteness to their skin, some redness to their lips, some blush to their cheeks, few pounds off their body, lushier lips and posted photos in networking sites.
These days photo shopping editor is just an app away and can do everything and anything for us. Easy to operate.
I tried to edit a photo of mine to check how it works and here you go! After everystage, I have captured the image and from being erm plump, I can make my face look slightly thin? Whether it looks good or bad is something else altogether.
Every new innovations has their challenges and advantages, you win some and you lose some. I seem to have won a fairer skin and thinner face but lost being natural and slowly starts to believe in this make believe world and believe the mirage.
Beauty is only skin deep they say… It has now turned into a only a Photoshop tool away…


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