Friends forever

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Special ones, who enters your life with no warning and refuse to budge.
You who do not go that extra mile for your sibbling, you who refuse to listen to your parents, you who refuse to get up to make your tea, you who search for an excuse to take your spouse out...
When a phone call arrives from that friend of yours, feels charged, finish of your chores in a jiffy and fly to meet that friend.
Do, what is special about friends?
Friends are not relatives. No formalities, no excuses, no explanations.. it’s like breathing free, with no conscious effort of feeling the air sucked in or exhaled out. It happens naturally. There is no compulsion that you should call everyday, no compulsion to meet every week, no compulsion to explain your actions, no reading between lines. A spade is a spade. No stories. Someone whom you can trust not to kill you when you forget things. A relationship that doesn’t weigh too much on your shoulders.
Friends are like blessings invisible yet hover around you, embracing you and protect you from the damages that heads your way time to time.


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