Happy Birthday my friend :D

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So, this is your 9th Birthday after we had met?  Not that I am counting... God! you are getting old buddy.

So, where are we? Should I start all over again from your coming late to interview... claiming some lame reason of flat tyre and stuff.. I was furious under that calm exterior.. "what a nerve!", I shouted at you inside my head... 

Or should I talk about the first drive Indu and I had in your beast, Lancer? when Nami stared stupefied at the rear view mirror, that hung itself to death.  She signaled us to call her the moment, we reach home safe.  From a playful boy, to a serious man, an 'angry bird' man.. I had witnessed various avtar of yours, and I 'gracefully' accept the way you are.

It's good to see you my dear friend; reaching heights, missing few steps, not giving up; gaining more... I see you up there now, hoisting your first successful venture. 

Enough of my flashbacks.. but a quick reminder that you are 34 today, stepping into 35, and the ride is going to get tougher, take if from me, it starts with knee pain, mild memory outages, but it is still fun, out there and amidst all your busy schedule, take a break, have a vacation, stop to admire little things. that I feel you are overlooking these days.  That way you don't need to reach out for hair colour prematurely.

As always, a small poem for you.

It's easy to stay on the shore;
Watch the waves roar,
Not so easy to ride the waves;
Gaining control...
It's easy to give up and brood;
Not so easy to fight and move...

With words let me weave a magic,
Words that plays background music,
Sax that adds power to your name,
Drums resonating untamed...

Let the birds, tweet for you,
140 characters, scrounging through,
Let the Lions roar this dawn,
Keeping the evil, forlorn.

I place before you year 2016,
It holds what you craved from your teen,
This box hold the Benz or Triumph,
This box hold the key for your health..
This box hold plenty of laugh,
This box hold everything you wished..
Unfurl the ribbon, peep in..
You will see the gifts stacked in..

Lighting a candle for your success,
Lighting a candle for riches,
Lighting a candle for peace,
Lighting a candle for your health.

Make a wish, blow one by one
Cut the soft, delicate bun
Scoop a slice and give it to friends
The smooth, Butter scotch, waits for none...

These silly rhymes, you may hate
Remember, it comes from agony aunt's tale,,
Whatever you may think about this,
This carries a warm "Happy Birthday" wish.

Happy Birthday, Manu! have a blast! Let god shower you with his choicest blessings.


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