Happy Birthday, Akka!

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There are times when you are in a haste, slip to mention important people in your life, who made an impact.

Life has to be celebrated, when it deserves celebration.  To be mourned, when it deserves mourning.

It was on 2nd September, 1994, I stepped in to my husband's home for the first time.  A new bride, stepping with lots of love, hope, expectations, fear.  I was that.  The first one and half month was heaven, life went peaceful for all of us.  Later it was a tough period for all of us, with my mother in law's hospitalization and passing away.

For any bride in India, this can be considered an ill omen.   She can be taunted, troubled with remarks that can hurt for the life time.  Yes! there were couple of such remarks that did hit the mark then.  But, today when I look at it, I don't think those comments were meant to hurt me.  It was their loss of a dear one, passing away without much warning.  Even these trivial remarks were wiped away by my immediate family... i.e. my husband and two sisters.  They protected me, were by my side and made sure that I was safeguarded from the wags of tongue, till it was safe enough to venture out.

The small family that consisted of two sisters, my husband and me (Sucheeth, Supriya were kids.  Balaji, Rupal and Arvind were born and getting ready to enter our family.. Anirudh, Akshaya, Hiyaa yet to make their presence felt in this world :D).  Losing their father barely a year back didn't make this loss easy for them.  But,  the love they showered on me without any reservations is what I can always remember easily even after 22 years of my married life.

So, about this birthday girl.  What is so special about her?  Hemalatha the 24x7 sweet smiling woman, with a spirit that matches the infants.  Enthusiastic, always game for challenges, fighting them all and what more! Winning every one of these challenges.

The hospitality I always received at her home,  I doubt I can ever match her in the way she fed us,rather plied us with sweets, food, juices, savories.  By god, we always leave her home as if we were about to burst in our seams.

Hemalatha akka for me:

an optimist; a vibrant woman with loads of smile
a great intellect, who can carry conversations effortlessly even if it is PM of India.
an arts lover
a sport lover
someone who never shies of competition infact thrives on them.
a woman with great sense of humour; infact I love the harmless sarcasm in it.
someone blessed with a great voice, be it singing or reading news in AIR.
A mother hen for all of us, as I mentioned early, very protective and her love for everyone of us without any reservations is really astounding.

I could have neglected the fourth paragraph, on this auspicious day but for me it's all about people sticking by your side during tough times and not just during happy times.  It is not just Hemalatha akka, it's the family Deepa my other sister and my husband Suresh.  It's not too easy, to lose their mom, it was time for them to mourn but they sheltered me is something that made me love this family, with all my heart.  I may not be the person to express my love in words.  I always write about feelings and very rare I write about people.  But,  I wanted to today.  You might be sitting in a cabin at your office, far away akka, but I want you to know that you are here in all our hearts.

I would like to wish you a very happy Birthday, in my own way and my own style. A small poetry for you.

When monotony turns life in to boredom,
You looked at ways to celebrate the life,
Finding joy in simplest things,
Finding joy in multitudes and sharing them.

It's not easy, to smile always,
But, your name brings only your smiles to our minds..
People change, but you remain, the usual self.
The energy you absorb from, you give us back in multitudes.

Life has a knack to throw a curve at you,
You are equipped to handle it without a sway.
Taking a stride, that threatens some
The stride, that protects some..

I admire the way you live your life,
A world that you created for you and for us all..
Where you lead, love and cherish
A clan that your fiercely guard.

Happy Birthday, Super woman! May god bless you and all of us! Have a beautiful day and a successful year ahead!


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Unknown said...

Super srimathi. Very beautiful lines about our family n a very good poetry for akka. Super as always

Viji said...

Thanks Deepa

wisdom comes with experience

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