Mango, the fruit of endless surprise

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If at all there is a fruit that can make you madly fall in love with it, it has to be Mango.   Mango, a sage in saffron that has the power to open up the gates of heaven.  

Whenever I gaze at this rich, succulent, plumpy fruit all juicy, oh! I go so weak on my knees.  I had to have it. It needs preparation to enjoy this fruit. You can't just peel and dig in. You hold it, look at the ways it lies on your palm so beautiful.  Then take a bowl or go near the kitchen sink and take a deep bite. The juice will drip all over your jaw, chin, hands and on your shirt. The river of divine pleasure.  Who cares?

This time take a bigger bite and suck the juice. Don't mind the sound (the slurpier the better) or the juice that flows through your palms and races on your arms. Lick it clean and get your attention back to your mango. Turn the Mango, gaze at the untouched half.  Did I hear you calling me messy?  Maybe I am. Where was I? Yeah, turn the fruit, gaze at it and decide from which side you should attack it.  Sink your teeth just the way a predator does to its prey. Only difference is the fruit is a willing prey. It doesn't fight or evade, it is slippery and may tease you a bit but it doesn't fight you back, a temptress that makes you pine for more, a willing prisoner. 

Now you consumed more than half the fruit, you will slowly start to feel the astringent of the skin, you cluck and get back to the rest.  Usually you won't stop till you gobble up the skin, pulp and left with the seed that now have hairy fires sticking out.  Like a wet cat with bristles sticking out?  No! Mangoes are mangoes no comparison. You are done licking everywhere and about to shove the seed off in a dustbin. 

One last time, you turn it sideways and with your teeth tug at the bristles from root and draw out the little pulp that's stuck in between those bristles, repeat the process all over and throw the seed finally.  After washing, gargling and cleaning the mess up, there are those particles,  the fibres that's stuck between your teeth, keeps reminding you about your sinful affair with the ripest fruit. The slight raw skin underneath your lips, makes your tongue to rub it and test the sensitivity and a reminder for the rest of the day about you gorging a fruit sinfully. 

You remind yourself to buy a dozen Mangoes that evening.  Atleast this season, I should have Mangoes 'contently'.  A relative term of course. 


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