Krishna my divine Child

When thunders rumbled without any care 
Lightenings crawled through the sky far,
Rain tore its way merciless
Krishna!  The divine child born to this world...

World will never be the same again,
That dark night , carried the tales of an exquisite child,
Those gracious women of Vrindavan, 
Krishna! The divine child brought in joy to so many lives...

Mystical music flowed through the forest,
Wrapping women in myriad tress,
Magical the Dusk,  when moon shone on the river Yamuna, 
Krishna!  The divine child danced on the head of Kaalinga.

He who stole the drapes of Gopikas, 
Draped Krishnaa during her distress.. 
He who measured the universe in three steps, 
Krishna!  Oh!  my divine child you took thousands of steps as a messenger.

You the creator of this universe, 
Yet you stole butter and got tied as Dhamodara.. 
Krishna!  My divine child with two mothers, 
You were still greedy and breast fed happily from Bhutana.

Happy 48th wedding anniversary appa and amma

Dear Appa and Amma,

It's your 48th anniversary of your marriage.  You are married for 17,520 days or 420,480 hours or 25,228,800 minutes which is over 1,513 million seconds!  You had witnessed 12 leap years together.

God!  I am loving this statistics,  I feel like taking off from work and get more data.

Did you know you were married on a Friday the 12th? Thank God not a day later.

Do you know,  September 12th is Day of Conception in Russia and the government give couples time off from work to procreate and produce the next generation?  The couple who have a child on June 12th are handsomely rewarded.

Did you have the time to notice the happenings in India during 1969?

Indian national congress split into two factions. One led by Indira Gandhi and another led by Morarji Desai.
Rajdhani Express was introduced in 1969.
14 banks nationalised by Indira Gandhi.
India was close to insolvency in 1969
ISRO was set up in 1969.

Do you know?

By now you have shared about 38,200 meals together which equates to approximately 2 years, 6 months of continuous eating!

I am wondering on how many hours you had spent quarreling.. Or maintain silence? The quarrels or should I call it as tiff were for silliest matters like; appa,  you wanting to cook and Amma refusing to pass on the laddle to you,  claiming you mess the kitchen or use more spices than required or add more salt and it is not good for health....  et al.

You gave us all awesome Diwalis, Pongals, Krishna jayanthis..  The memories you gave us during the festivities will last a life time may be extend for another lifetime or two.

You made our lives beautiful...  When I think about our childhood days,  it's always basked with golden sun shine..  Not once we had been threatened with gloom or stormy days.  As a parent,  I would love my son to feel or experience the same things.

We wish you,  Amma and appa, many more years of wedded bliss and silly tiffs. But,  even those tiffs are full of life and love for us, we secretly smile and enjoy.

Happy wedding anniversary Appa and Amma.

Lots of love from,

Srimathi, Kannan
Srikanth,  Sejal
Aareev and Ani

Happy Birthday my friend :D

So, this is your 9th Birthday after we had met?  Not that I am counting... God! you are getting old buddy.

So, where are we? Should I start all over again from your coming late to interview... claiming some lame reason of flat tyre and stuff.. I was furious under that calm exterior.. "what a nerve!", I shouted at you inside my head... 

Or should I talk about the first drive Indu and I had in your beast, Lancer? when Nami stared stupefied at the rear view mirror, that hung itself to death.  She signaled us to call her the moment, we reach home safe.  From a playful boy, to a serious man, an 'angry bird' man.. I had witnessed various avtar of yours, and I 'gracefully' accept the way you are.

It's good to see you my dear friend; reaching heights, missing few steps, not giving up; gaining more... I see you up there now, hoisting your first successful venture. 

Enough of my flashbacks.. but a quick reminder that you are 34 today, stepping into 35, and the ride is going to get tougher, take if from me, it starts with knee pain, mild memory outages, but it is still fun, out there and amidst all your busy schedule, take a break, have a vacation, stop to admire little things. that I feel you are overlooking these days.  That way you don't need to reach out for hair colour prematurely.

As always, a small poem for you.

It's easy to stay on the shore;
Watch the waves roar,
Not so easy to ride the waves;
Gaining control...
It's easy to give up and brood;
Not so easy to fight and move...

With words let me weave a magic,
Words that plays background music,
Sax that adds power to your name,
Drums resonating untamed...

Let the birds, tweet for you,
140 characters, scrounging through,
Let the Lions roar this dawn,
Keeping the evil, forlorn.

I place before you year 2016,
It holds what you craved from your teen,
This box hold the Benz or Triumph,
This box hold the key for your health..
This box hold plenty of laugh,
This box hold everything you wished..
Unfurl the ribbon, peep in..
You will see the gifts stacked in..

Lighting a candle for your success,
Lighting a candle for riches,
Lighting a candle for peace,
Lighting a candle for your health.

Make a wish, blow one by one
Cut the soft, delicate bun
Scoop a slice and give it to friends
The smooth, Butter scotch, waits for none...

These silly rhymes, you may hate
Remember, it comes from agony aunt's tale,,
Whatever you may think about this,
This carries a warm "Happy Birthday" wish.

Happy Birthday, Manu! have a blast! Let god shower you with his choicest blessings.

My dear wall

My dear wall ,

For the first time I realise, I neglected you for more than three months.  You had been my best friend, who was always with me, a confidante, for more than 8 years.  I wrote on you my deepest pleasures, I wrote on you my disappointments, I cried on you over my miseries.

What's happening in my life?  It's been a roller coster ride.  Ups and downs.  Forty five is a difficult age.  An age when you are confused if you are young or old?  Just like adolescence there are changes in your body, mind.  One day over the moon, the next deep down the dungeon. You become a misery for people around you. From someone who doesn't expect anything out of anyone, slowly you start to expect some response, a reciprocation of actions, words, gifts.  When they don't materialise, you are deep down the rut, sympathizing with yourself and end up loathing yourself and make them loathe you too.  But, can't help but wonder, why it is tough for people to be attentive, why are they rushing, where are they rushing to?  Why can't they stop and take the time to look or appreciate things on their way? It is only fair or isn't it?  Should not spontaneity be a trait to everyone?

This exactly was why, I neglected you. I don't want my folks or friends to see me like this, after I am long gone,  I want them to remember the cheerful Viji, who takes that extra mile to keep people happy. But, what the hell If I can't talk to you my dear wall, who else can I talk to?

There are some good times too, a new job, few new challenges, new young minds to work along. Life is good in that end.  Family, is good.  My son turned 20, turning into a responsible young man.

Trying out few new things I feel that I truly deserve, a huge silver nose pin for example, getting that was the most beautiful moment.  Seeing my friend's, new born.  Couple of trips out of Chennai.

What more?  Nothing, except the terracotta clay is lying untouched for 2 weeks now. The huge canvas along with paints, lying idle too.  All this blabber, trying to figure out when this phase will pass.  I long to roll in to a ball and sleep for days and never to wake up for few days, weeks, years, decades, maybe a life time. But, I refuse to give that pleasure to me. I refuse to stop.

Dear wall,  I know and I am sorry it is not a happy post or a poem with all those rhymes, that you might feel proud to wear. I know, I bequeath you with a massive frame, with no painting, not a dash of colour, not a sketch, not even an alphabet.  I know if you can, you will delete this post.  But, let it remain.  I want this to be a milestone post, to measure my happiness in the coming weeks.  A yard stick, that will give me the satisfaction to probe and feel the hurt or like a feather soothe the pain, all self created.  This deep rut I had been in for sometime now, the happy face I show to the world is tiring even to me.  God save those people who are connected to me in social networking sites.  It they see picture of a piece of nose sticking out, or the long agony aunt posts, some half boiled photographs... I hope they don't curse me.

So my dear wall, enough of me.  Tell me about you, how are you apart from losing your followers, (a few I remember by names, I don't blame them), apart from feeling neglected, apart from bearing few bitter, sad, melancholic posts, do you feel otherwise good?

Au Revoir friend.  So long... yeah, will be back soon if my spirits lifts up or I won't be back.

Warm Regards,

Dear Sowmi

Dear Sowmi,

Hope you are cracking jokes wherever you are.. Or wetting the diaper as Asha's baby.

One year since you left us?  Parted ways?  No! I don't think so.  You are with us every festival,  every Utsavam at Parthasarathy koil,  every time we eat vada, bajji or while drinking sathumadhu (rasam)  in tumbler,  while watching TV,  while listening to prabhandham...  Trust me!  I see you,  whenever I see a strongly built,  tall,  very fair,  bald man.

I see you in myself whenever I grin.. I learnt to keep grinning like a fool from you..  I know it automatically brings a smile on others face.  Usha says she remembers you whenever she takes selfie.  Vasu thinks of you as a friend.  Srikanth thinks you are full of fun.  Periamma  and you are the most complete people I have ever known.

How can I forget your temper and "poruthadhu podhum pongi ezhu"  gunam. All those autowalas whom you fought with for their atrocious rates.  Your making us walk miles to catch auto to save some odd 10 rupees.  Your chiding people who jump queues.  I wish you jumped into politics,  you would have easily won,  my charismatic dearest brother.

You know sowmi,  you are one person who talks with perfect intonations, be it Tamil or English.  I still have the Mukesh Kumar cassette you gave me..  You introduced me to few hindi songs.  "mere sapno me rani kabh"..  I love singing them in tamilish hindi.." Maere sapunomae rani kabhu aayaekithu"..

For me and for all your friends and all our relatives,  when we say sowmi,  we automatically smile.  That is all..  As my favorite Bach says.. " your mission is over",  so you have migrated to another land and I am sure we are waiting to get know ur V2. 0 Dhruv.  He is going to bring in more smiles..

I know you are muttering "please stop" and I will stop now.

Unadherumai thangai,  (erumai thaan arumai illa)

Insane love


Sometimes I wanna wear you like a cloak,
Hugging tight,  as if I am cold...
Sometimes I wanna hang you on a rack,
Feeling sweaty and need some air..

At times I feel you are sweet,
And my diabetes,  makes me wanna eat,
At times, you are a hot 'cross' bun,
I silently drop you till someone takes the brunt.

There are times,  you make me feel mushy,  tearsome,
And at times,  you make me worrysome,
Yet few times,  I feel like kidnapping and demand a ransome.
Other times, I wanna a hold on and pay lumpsum.

It will all be over this lifetime,
So let's do some over time...
Let us laugh, fight, kill and like
Like today is the last day left, of our lives. 


Another shore,  another age
I walked those sands, searching... 
Some shells,  some foliage, 
I ran at the waves rushing.

Beyond the third white wave, 
Curled against the fourth... 
The brittle crab shell swayed, 
Bobbled,  speding forth...

My heel firm and grounded
The waves raised with a crisp honk.. 
The catamaran,  I spotted, 
On the wall, seated a white conch...

Staring at the conch, I dreamed, 
My fingers traced the tiny lines... 
The lines circled edging for release,
I placed it near my ear,  it whined...

The song of another shore,  another age
I hear you now,  calling me 
I hear clearly,  my voice interlaced
I stand here,  it's you I feel...

Looked up at the sky, 
Looked at the sand, 
Looked side ways, 
Looked beyond...

Without a clue,  where to move, 
I followed your voice from inside, 
Another year,  another month,  or forever, 
But,  one day we will meet,  soon enough

This day we will recite those lines, 
For another shore,  another age, 
Your words will still beckon, 
I will follow your words,  till there is no return.

Was that a dawn or dusk, when we met?

I just need to close my eyes,
Hug myself,  dance for the song in my mind
The song once you sang on that long drive,
My steps halting,  as you stepped to my side...

We moved together like breeze; effortless,
We moved together like blaze untamed,
We held each other,  like insane,
No strain or stir,  pure music in our steps...

A cloud burst, unearthing us,
Carrying us to an undisclosed haven,
Your breath on my hair, the warmth I felt...
Our breath in sync,  we swayed and held.

Was that a dawn or dusk, when we met?
Was it shining or dowdy as we were swept?
Not a drop of water or a grain of food we took,
Our bodies paralysed,  yet we stood...

Time elapsed,  a day? a month? Or a year?
In a trance we stood by each other.
The earth sped,  we moved together
Faster; yet slower than ever...


The shortest distance, I thought
Was between two hearts,
I only had to take a step,
And already there at your door step.

Several months,  your door shut,
I worked alone fearing distress...
Wearing a smile for the world to see,
Gripping the pain holding it within me.

You have your reasons for staying shut,
Not realising, you are inducing a cut,
I try to force myself closer,
You add more distance and walk further.

I am not used being without you,
I don't want to force more trouble on you,
I keep asking do I deserve this pain
But without you my life is vain...

I remain... Bearing pain..
Dawn or not,  I will remain,
Life or end,  I will continue,
Hoping your love will renew.

With love,

A ghost story

Everything was perfect until two days back I told my mom, that my heart beats fast and feeling scared to go to the restroom during nights. She casually told me to avoid going to that bathroom during nights and use the one in her room instead.

Only those who had experienced living in South Indian houses and not apartments might relate to this story. She further told me that, one of our neighbours told her the story of a woman who lived long back in our house, who was very unhappy and jumped in a well and committed suicide.

Someone who never believed in ghosts, I started to dread every nook and corner of my home. My mom took it upon her shoulders to reassure me and told me not to fret. She further added, that the well was closed soon after the incident, as if that would comfort me.

A small pat on my back one day, a cold touch on my hands the other day and a series of scary dreams today, making my scream all squished up like a toothpaste followed by my son’s answering scream woke the whole street up.

Dreams! Those that was all indianised version of Annabel dragging me by my feet, the floor where I was lying down tilts and tries to take me down, a washing machine comes racing my way and a woman hanging from the celing to my left and to my right a head bent with hair streaming down, like that of the Tamil movie "pisasu", but slightly creative the dream was as it was curly hair and grey hair interlaced unlike the straight and jet black hair. I raise my hand to pull the hair, for whatever reasons God only knows and it was that exact moment, I opened my eyes screaming and my son let out an echoing scream that was induced by mine…

Mom came racing in and said it was just a dream and asked me to drink water.

I sat up still shaking and after a while everyone left to mind their own businesses.

I don’t really remember, how long I sat and stared at my hands furled on my lap.

I chided myself…. uff! It’s just a dream.

When I unfurled my hands to raise myself up and my eyes narrowed and I raised my palms towards the light, was that… Hair?

wisdom comes with experience

At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme