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Two things never fail to fascinate me.... one is a swing and another an elephant.

An elephant when walks by holds every one's attention. Be it a 2 months old kid or a 90 year old man staggering to walk. It makes you to stop work for a minute and look with awe.

It is lovely to look at a child swinging in a park or a play ground whooping with joy as she swings up and down. The force of the wind on her face with a beatific smile etched up on her face itself is a delight to look at.

While recalling those days when I played on a swing, I could still feel the breeze lifting my hair and make it fall down as I rush down....


Up and down
wavering motions
as we reach higher
we wonder that's heaven
down the dungeon
Pity we cannot stay at the pinnacle
Swaying motion
that’s life.

I could see a bitterness trying to creep inside the joy when I wrote about the Swing..... The inhibitions I feel now was never there when I was a child. I used to be carefree and play without a worry in my mind. Kids these days are forced and are pressurised to work..... I remember when I used to wait for my holidays to go to my grandma's place a beautiful village where along with my brother and cousins played and played till we drop down exhausted.

I doubt if my son ever would have tasted a country date hidden inside a straw bundle for ripening or a fresh raw mango or a sweet tamarind or a tender coconut directly plucked from the tree. Those are sweet memories which will remain with me while my son's memory would at the max stretch to yearly holidays taken for a few days, never getting his feet or hands soiled more worried about buying dresses at a ridiculous price or a new video game or watching Bey blade in you tube.

I agree that time changes and there are lots of distractions..... yet son, go out and see the world and I can bet that it would be more fun than sliding on a couch watching a DVD. By sleeping late you're missing the beautiful Sunrise, go out and play and get yourself bruised. I'll happily tend to those bruises rather than see you watching TV and munching potato wafers and gaining weight......


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